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The all of the structure of the day relations 513 for you who were called to freedom brother only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh through love serve one another martin van buren showed the less government interferes with private pursuits the better for general prosperity your government interferes with private pursuits oh several different ways over regulation is one and um most people don't feel like we are under regulated view do but uh they're generally the people that like to run h anyway um the other way government of fear interferes with profit pursuits is by taking your money it's called taxation excessive taxation is excessive interference and there's no question weren in an overregulated excessive taxation environment on that's not because that we hate poor people on the contrary poor people are best served by any institution other than the government and that would include communities i would include churches and that would include individuals and by the way that's biblical there's nowhere in scripture nowhere in scripture that the government is used to care for those who are marginalized as an act of charity somehow we've got a group of people who have equated increased taxation as a charitable act for the poor and it's not on debate and talk about that with a gop tax bill passing this weekend gone the conference show we'll see what it ends up being doesn't appear to be that big a change um and it's really interesting that oh you know the the cry being in the wining in the carping from both sides of the aisle i mean i'm amazed as some of you friends of mine that are in a big time conservatives have lost their ability to think clearly in the name of politics i guess it's always been that way i guess i'm getting old and i'm just observing the whole trump and hillary duboc where we had to horrible candidates of horrible character and we were supposed to choose between them on and really.

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