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To speed right now just you some extra caution look he's a low temperatures can make for some slick spots out there on the road so let's take a look at the map i'm going to point out all of these crashes to you we have one of the downtown area mlk street at 16th street we will crash up on the north side michigan road at eighty six street then over here we have a crash at carrow road at east seventy fit street so again you're going to want to pay attention to these and especially going home tonight use that extra caution with that snow showers at rob was just telling us about so let's take a look at those live in traffic comes a one more time here's a look at i four 65 that us 52 brookville road this is over on the east side again all was moving up to speed so if you are headed out the door no delays in your commute elena thank you want to get to some breaking news from overnight metro police are investigating after a man was shot leaving him in critical condition this all happened on the 2500 block of dr martin luther king junior street just before one o'clock this morning now that's the address of the barbecue heaven restaurant police tell us that a man was shot in a car no other information about a possible suspect or a mode of has been released also breaking overnight police are on the scene where a person was stabbed this all happened just after four at illinois and vermont streets now the victim has the minor injury and was taken to the hospital be checked out the victim told police that they did not know who the suspect was so far no arrests have been made with another bitterly cold morning ahead for who's yours and these below freezing temperatures have first responders all across our state very concerned call six investigates peres lobello's working for you to see what crews are doing to keep everyone safe with more bitterly cold days in the forecast central indiana's first responders are on high alert as the arctic air moves in indianapolis i am pds homeland security division activating their extreme temperature contingency plan and getting plans ready to possibly extend hours on shelters in check on the at risk community iin pds homeless unit will be distributing warming kits with blankets gloves a hat.

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