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Oh ever anxiety continues to build as more lava breaks out my neighbor larry is his house is burning down so it's it's real it's hitting it's okay roadblocks have been set up around the leyland estates subdivision with police and national guard units leading only culpable and california residents through rudy giuliani apparently spoke before he learned the facts surrounding the hush money given to stormy daniels and is now urging president trump not to answer questions of the russia's special counsel cbs's errol barnett reports with getting up to speed on the facts here i'm about halfway there today president trump's lawyers rudy giuliani further explained inconsistencies in his defensive mr trump and suggested the president might resist a subpoena from special counsel robert muller compelling him to testify under oath we don't have to he's the president united states we can assert the same privileges other presidents have democrats say the president must cooperate giuliani who's a legal not national security advisor also says he expects the release of three americans detained in north korea on face the nation trump senior counselor kellyanne conway was asked why he's talking about that i have a security clearance and i'm not going to divulge anything like that i'll leave that the president and his security team obviously as chief diplomat to make any announcements a posthumous honor for one of those killed in the nashville area waffle house shooting cbs's elaine kiana at belmont university in tennessee this weekend grieving mother accepted her daughters diploma any groves was among four people killed last month at a waffle house near nashville her mother was given a standing ovation as she received the evans diploma her son de angelo also graduated the university announced a scholarship indiana's honor gas prices have jumped seven cents in the past two weeks the average price for a gallon of regular is now to ninety this is cbs news during small business month dell is offering up to forty percents off select pc's with eighth chen intel core processors call eight seven seven.

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