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The set the world aflame and get everybody excited an serves fine it was less. Charlie you say that Jim but Michelle Obama is a good speaker I like almost nothing but she says. She, she is a good speaker. Probably Reluctantly. So melania trump is also A reluctant speak I, doubt she wanted to do that but I thought she did. Fine. She's not supposed to be. A public speaker. She. Read her speech well, and in a second language as I say, its themes would not those that you would always associate with this president. But she's her own person. I gave it a B. The other night was from bette. Midler who said she can't speak English. She spoke with an accent learn English to say. You've never learned English Charles. Yeah. Could you speak English accent I do you know that really bothers me I have to say not not because I'm foreign I grew up speaking. But because for some reason, people like Bette, midler think that they are allowed to say things like that and that it's okay. But if a conservative actor had watched a speech by say. A first lady who had moved to the United States in Nineteen ninety-six from Guatemala and spoke English as a second language and still had a heavy accent if a conservative actor tweeted. Skull even speak English. This ridiculous Guatemalan accent I mean that person would have been canceled or at the very least would have been criticized or I don't know why it's acceptable to do this the other way around. Yes no doubt some Alania I think she has filled the role that she never. Thought. With grace I don't think the speech shoes was very good. I think was a non sequitur I give her an incomplete to move the ball in in any way and was not a good use of twenty minutes of prime time. So with that, let's pause and here from our first sponsor this week, the American story podcast America is growing increasingly divided the American story new podcast narrated by. Chris Flannery at the Claremont Institute aims to unite listeners with true stories about Americans.

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