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And who was the whistleblower talking to and call Hunter Biden in an Joe Biden. And Adam Schiff and everybody I think that is what he wants to see. And I think that's why you have some pushing pool with Mitch. McConnell and Lindsey Graham because they know that that likely is not a good idea and that if you bring in witnesses you're opening up the door. You don't know what's going to happen when you do that. And I think they want a more controlled process. So I think that's part of what they're trying to manage right now and likely trying to convince the president. You really don't want to do that you you don't WanNa call Hunter Biden and the whistle blower really want to do it. I don't believe that. Who is the person stopping with this testify? The president right who who has actual knowledge of what happened John and if the president wants to be defended right he doesn't really he does says that wants to look bold and confident did he wants a short trial. He does not want these facts. Litigated and he can say once. UNDERGRAD and identify. But if the trade off we're Hunter Biden and John Bolton and Mick twelve eighty he wouldn't take it. It's a very good point. We have so much to discuss ahead fresh off of his trip to Ukraine another one a new trip to Ukraine Rudy. Giuliani is paying a visit. Is it to the White House today. Is he helping. Or is he. Hurting his client's case in the Senate and then the former Kentucky governor making headlines as he left office issuing hundreds pardons and commutations including one for a forty one year old man who raped a nine year old girl. Omaha steaks is the gift you've been looking for for everyone on your list. Seventy three percent of Americans say they'd rather get a gift of great food than more stuff. That's why Omaha steaks is the perfect holiday gift. When you send Omaha steaks they'll get delicious tender filet Mignon steaks and much more? And you'll know you. You sent a special gift. 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Dr Every gift is one hundred percent money. Back guaranteed remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash CNN. And we're back with our politics lead. President trump is calling an embarrassment the House Judiciary Committee approving two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump today C. CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports. The president is lashing out as he faces the increasingly likely prospect of being the third president in US history to be impeached trivialising impeachment after the House Judiciary Committee voted to advance to articles of impeachment against him today. President didn't trump accused Democrats of making light of a serious matter. I think it's a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment which is supposed to be used used in an emergency while the president has made clear privately. He doesn't WanNa impeachment on his resume. Today he tells them the benefits. It's a very sad thing for our country but it seems to be very good for me politically. His campaign manager is making the same argument telling reporters. The inquiry has boosted fundraising inspired volunteers. In quote lit up our base trump may be touting the benefits. But he's not offering much clarity on what he wants when when it comes to the Senate trial I saying this. I'll do whatever I want. Then moments later saying he'll listen to Republican. Senators advocated for a short trial with no live witnesses. I've heard Mitch. I've heard Lindsey. I'll do whatever they want to do. It doesn't trump also referencing but not naming lieutenant. Colonel Alexander Vincent the Ukraine expert for the National Security Council who testified that trump's July call with the Ukrainian president was improper. He's another beauty. Vitamin still works at the White House and CNN has learned senior. Aides are now restricting. Who listens in on the president's calls with foreign leaders today? His personal attorney Rudy. Giuliani was spotted entering the West Wing. Giuliani recently returned from another trip to Ukraine seemingly unfazed by federal prosecutors who were probing his business activity the Wall Street Journal. Reports trump called Giuliani will. His plane was still taxiing down the runway asking what. What did you get more than? You can imagine Giuliani told him now. Brianna we should know that Giuliani said. He wants to put his findings in this twenty page report and brief lawmakers on it though. It's unclear when he'll do that or where it will go if he does. We should note that he was at the White House today. The White House officials have said repeatedly over the last several weeks. They do not think what he's doing is helpful as they are trying to fight off this impeachment inquiry you you could say that Kaitlyn thank you so much collins at the White House I mean. It's pretty stunning. All of this is happening. You have Rudy Giuliani. Who's apparently still on this same mission? Which is at the very heart of the impeachment inquiry and these articles of impeachment and off to Ukrainy goes comes back I calls for? The president visits the White House on the day articles of impeachment or pass through the Judiciary Committee. What does that tell you Erin? Well it's a lot of Hubris. Look it says that they're trying to continue this mythology that there was nothing wrong wrong. There's nothing wrong with going. After Ukraine this whole thing about trying to make about going after corruption even though you know Paul manafort helped to elect a the president of the Ukrainian was one of the most corrupt. So what. They're going to just keep doing what they WANNA do. I think the President I've heard from sources that the people inside the White House think. Look we were able to survive the Mueller investigation. We're going to survive this no problem but it sounds like the president. I mean he wants to lean into into right these conspiracy theories about Ukraine. There are people around him who do not think that that is a smart or wise decision. But it doesn't doesn't matter what the people around him think because what we see repeatedly is that it's what the president directs and what he wants to have happened and he obviously has tasked asked Rudy. Giuliani who is his private agent to go out and collect information. That will assist him politically and they have moved moved members of Congress and the American public across a wine where now it's okay to solicit information from foreign entities as in foreign governments into our electoral process. And so they are. They have crossed that line now and now they are really desensitizing. Take the rest of the American public to think that that's okay and I think it's going to have profound consequences for future campaigns and future elections actions if the House and if the Senate doesn't open their eyes to the historical consequences of what's before them and then consequences the next year. They're not gonNA stop if they get away with this. Why do we all think oh the president was just talking when he said China should do something on the White House a lot? I don't put would it be on him to actually try to get China or certainly trying to start to do something to we have conference the presents going to stop it. It's deny comes and tells the president Russia's interfering in October of two thousand twenty we think the president say that's terrible. I'm GonNa Stop Rush. Doing it puts actors on. We're going to publicize it so I think this is really serious in terms of next year's election and talking even not just about next year's election but really foreign policy in the immediate future Asia. They're multiple White House sources. who were telling CNN? They're further limiting not only the people who are on the phone calls of the president with foreign leaders but even those who have access to the transcripts and it it makes you wonder if this all replayed again the folks who raised some concerns went to the NFC lawyers if they even would've been on this call to raise their hand and say this wasn't this was not all right. Well well and part of the reason why you have because I've talked to people who've been on these source of calls and the reason why you have all of these people on the call because it's supposed to be about these calls are about setting adding US policy and so the Reza when the president is on these calls he's supposed to be dictating policy. And the people on the call then go out to their to they're different agencies into the different people in the government who are supposed to carry it out and so when you have less people on the call you're not going to have those people who know what is the. US Policy See. What are we supposed to be doing towards Ukraine or whatever country and also it's also part of the the point of these calls the continuity of our relationship with those countries? I mean this is not about Donald. Trump calls are supposed to be about the United States in whichever country it is that we're speaking to negotiating with and of course he makes makes it all about himself and is. The House is preparing for a full vote on impeachment next week. We'll all the Democrats be on the same page. We're going to ask one congressman.

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