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Bradford pick up our phone calls? If we give him, if we get married. Oh man. Just kidding. That, by the way, that was the deal with the Titans. We didn't officially introduce it that way. Who moves you emotionally on this roster? I would say, Jeffrey Simmons, right? Let me get me, get me real 2020. Jeffrey Simmons this year. Get me like Aaron Donald light, Jeffrey Simmons. Tear it up. You know, you and bud Dupree on the right side there. Just start carving up defenses. Really make this the full force, the full force defense that I think it could be. Because I think Jeffrey Simmons is so good. And I think he's, I think he's got such a high ceiling. And I would like to see that. I would like to see that unleashed. I think I called him their Aaron Donald last year. You did. So what I did last summer? Yes. Yeah, no, it's really good. And that defensive backfield could be good. You could say that about a lot of teams, but like you've kind of seen it from Christian Fulton. Kevin bayard is still one of the best the best safeties. I think Elijah molden is really good in the slot there. And then, you know, if Caleb Farley ends up being anywhere near a first round caliber player, this might be kind of like it was a couple of years ago when they were, they were pretty stacked in the defensive backfield. And, you know, maybe that's what ends up being the thing that carries this team. As far as the guy who's gonna move me emotionally, I'm gonna look at Robert Woods here. I know everyone's sort of hyper focused on treylon Burks. I don't think Woods is going to necessarily, you know, replicate AJ Brown in this offense, but he's not only a really good veteran receiver, assuming he is back fully from the torn ACL.

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