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We believe him? There is not crisis at the border. It's a manufactured crisis for the president to get a political win these to convince you there is a crisis at the border, even though an intelligence official tells C N N, quote, no one is saying this is a crisis accept them. Okay. It's a real crisis. As a matter of fact, it is now worse than it's ever been one of the reasons, and nobody kind of puts this together. Is that the president while all this has been going on continues to repair and build more new wall, and I know was not widely reported, but the president well, he was not overridden with his veto because you have some weak pathetic Republicans that never wanna fight for anything, which is just unreal. And if you watched over the weekend, you see three countries now are not getting any more US aid Guatemala Honduras, El Salvador, why because they're not helping as probably the biggest migrant caravan is now moving towards the country president's threatened to close the border. If necessary, you know, you listen to some of the democratic candidates like democratic presidential candidate, Julian Castro demanding grant, millions amnesty and gut immigration enforcement. You notice everything on the left now has gone, so radical hard left you. You can't just be vote pro-choice. No. You gotta be now pro-infanticide we'll support abortion, well, even after birth. According to the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia while even during the birthing process shore house, the delegates what was her name name, Kathy? Tran was the one that said that on the same day. She put forward a Bill to protect butterflies or Kanka worms of that become butterflies of some kind. I mean, who's canker sore? I never heard of the canker worm. But she put in a Bill to protect them on the same day. She put in. If you think about it because that's the canker worm when they're infants when they're in their conceptual stays before their butterflies. That's really sick. The one that testified if you remember. Oh, yeah. No, no, no. It's we we can have abortion. She said even what if dilation has begun. Labor's begun yet my Bill would allow that. Absolutely. And then the governor saying, well, I we deliver the baby and make sure the baby's comfortable this so much compassion in that line liver the baby make sure the baby's comfortable, then the mother decides whether or not the kid lives her dice that point it's murder that point you have a living breathing human being, and you're not offering medical assistance that would be infanticide. That would be murder. Unbelievable. We see everything we've talked about everything that's happening. Now, we have reports even today migrants, the the level of people coming in or massive it's unsustainable border patrol expected to make a hundred thousand apprehensions this month alone majority of those taken into custody family units. Some have accompanied minors the volume. Is unsustainable now for border patrol wide because they know the borders about to be shut president Donald lot more than he would have gotten had the Democrats fulfilled their promises to dreamers, and they only support the border wall in Obama's second term, but we got ninety percent of our heroine. Well, that's crossing that southern border, and we have nearly three hundred deaths each and every week in this country than we have Fenton all on top of it because you have the Democratic Party saying, it's a manufactured crisis. Then you have the media the rage Trump media mob saying the same thing, they can't even come up with their own words there so tied together. So the question is what what are we going to do about all of this? Anyway, joining us now is congressman McClintock California's been dealing with this issue for years is what their fourth district congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona's fifth district. And you know, the president may I'm glad he said no to funding and aid to these countries that are doing nothing to stop these migrants. Caravan's from forming and leaving and heading in our country. And if Mexico's not careful, and I know, by the way, the big, you know, what the media was covering what we might not have avacado in four weeks. I don't like I have a condo. Don't give a rip about Advocaat. Does Linda likes Advocaat? Does you know everyone in there? I don't like avocados. I look at them. They just mushy in disgusting to me. Anyway, congressman McClintock. Thank you for being one of those congressman Biggs, thank you. Thanks, john. You guys like Advocaat does or not. But I love my country more. Exactly, exactly exactly. All right. It's as bad as it's ever been. Do you agree with me congressman McClintock that a lot of this is because now the president has nine billion dollars more that's money that has been identified that wasn't spent reallocated from the defense department. And I think that's a big part of it. Look almost sound clips that you played of the Democrats saying there's no crisis. They know there's a crisis. They're not blind. They're not stupid. They know exactly what's going on on the board of the problem is they like it it fits their their scenario to hold onto power. And that is the they alienated most of the American public. They understand that. They're only passed a power in the future depends upon importing a very dependent impoverished population. That has no attachment to American values or traditions and susceptible highly susceptible to. Every empty promises socialist make that is the project and it is well underway. What are your thoughts? Congressman Biggs on this. Obviously it impacts Arizona, California all all our southern border states. Yeah. You know, Sean, Tom is exactly right. This might democrat. Our democrat friends, they know they're lying when they say, there's no crisis. And it's getting worse by the minute. I mean, the fact that Jay Johnson would come out and say that he has no idea how he would handle such thing. I mean, the reality is President Trump's trying to deal with a stack decks the Democrats won't move anything to fix the asylum loss, and that's under girding all of this non deterrence that we have it's an incentive. Now, the fact that people know that it may be closing window because of the fence so that accelerates this, and we're going to have the highest number of apprehensions this year that we've seen. I don't know how many years well over a decade, and that's just apprehensions. There's going to be another million to two million people who come in who we don't even know who they are. And and that doesn't include all the drugs, particularly Centeno that's coming across the border in. In just enormous amounts of mount sick. He'll have to population where I live in Long Island told the story about a killing in New Jersey of nail league by an illegal immigrant. It's amazing to me that we have angel moms and dads outside of Nancy's, Pelosi's office, she's in the office, and she won't even come out and talk to these these parents that can tell their stories, and we have featured many of them on the program, and while we had another murder young person in New Jersey last week where I grew up in Long Island, New York, you've got an admitted MS thirteen gang member who had been thrown out of the country after killing a man, I lived in Huntington Long Island, and this is back in he'd been deported in two thousand seventeen after he was convicted of manslaughter did time for the fatal stabbing of a man in may two thousand outside of Huntington deli and his back in Long Island again, he snuck right back into the country. Now, I know that's not the ninety eight percent of people that probably just want. What we take for granted everyday, freedom and liberty and a chance for a better. Life for their families. But when you add up the numbers, and you look at the number of deaths from the drugs coming across the border from the cartels. And then you add up, the violent illegal alien, criminals, and homicides and sexual assaults. Violent assaults. These are real people real families real tragedy, real death real suffering. And is being used by these sanctuary laws. The Democrats are imposing in states, like California again, I think they know exactly what they're doing. But they're they're serving a for them a much bigger purpose in that is to perpetuate their political power because they've alienated the American people, and you're going to say, yeah. Go ahead. That when I talked to border patrol agents. They're telling me, especially long-term agency. They'll tell you that ten years ago. It was a different kind of person who's coming across the people that were coming across legitimately researching for better life. But now what you're saying. You're seeing a lot of young men a lot of people that are not wanting to come into America. They're not wanting to come in here and get better jobs or or anything like that. They're coming here for many of them for nefarious purposes. It's not all of it. There's a lot of people wanna beer, but the point is we don't know who's coming across the border. That's what's makes a national security threat because of the the levels of criminal violence that are the result. But also because if you don't know who's coming into your country, and you can't control you are you really that defeat the very notion of a sovereign nation. And you put your nation at risk. And that's what's happening here on Tom's. Right. Exactly. Right. The Democrats know what they're doing. Well, I think they know what they're doing. But I think you you've got some Republicans that want to cater to. A big business in this idea of cheap labor, which I don't like either. Because you know, what we need to get Americans working. I I'm all for immigration, but we've got to be a vet you make sure we check your background. And also you've got to be able to sustain yourself here. I mean, the the burden financially on the American taxpayer when it comes to the educational system healthcare system and the criminal Justice system. I think, you know, all too, well and California, Tom, right? And we've seen it happen in California and can now project what will happen if the Democrats succeed at the national level, if they're able to rig the election laws open, the borders pack, the supreme court. I'm afraid is game set and match for for for this country. You will have a hard core, socialist agenda. We can see where it ends up. That's venezuela. California is now walking down that path. And I would ask every every business person who's looking at the prospect of cheap leap. Labor through open borders to ask themselves. Well, fine. How's it working out for you guys in Venezuela? Or for that matter how you guys doing California these days with the highest poverty rate in the country. All right. I gotta take a break. We'll come back. We'll continue more with congressman McClintock more congressman Biggs on the Sean Hannity show. News roundup information overload Bill O Reilly at the top of the hour as we continue. James Bellamy, you have the right to remain silent. And you might want to use it. This is the Sean Hannity show. One thousand KT, okay. Tax season might be an identity thieves favorite time of the year because during tax season with all the paperwork online forms. You have to fill out send Email drop off always a chance that your personal information could be exposed and.

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