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Behind the scenes. Political maneuvering was equally abundant supporters. Johnson scheme to seduce senators to their side. Allegedly friends of Johnson went so far as to buy votes with slush fund of one hundred fifty thousand dollars the equivalent of over two million in today's money in order to convict Johnson. The Republicans needed thirty six senators to find Johnson. Guilty in the end the Republicans would be one vote. Short on May sixteenth. Johnson was acquitted on the eleventh article which was believed to be the surest bat for the radical Republicans. The tally was thirty guilty. Nineteen not guilty. Ten days later after the Senate voted on the first and second Oracle votes achieve the same results. The Republicans gave up a motion to adjourn passed. The Senate and the trial was over. Stanton had no choice but to surrender the war department. His health failing him stanton would not belong for the world. His Final Act of public service would be on the campaign trail where he would be an advocate for his candidate of choice. In the upcoming presidential election General Grant President Johnson had been acquitted but his reputation and his pride had been severely wounded. Johnson blame two men Edwin Stanton and general grant. During the impeachment kerfuffle Johnson had told reporters by opposing. Him Grant was playing a political game trying to position himself as the radical candidate for the presidency but grant had not angled for the White House. He had only done what he thought was right when his wife. Julia asked him if he wanted the presidency grant replied no but I do not see that I have anything to say about convention is about to assemble and from all. I hear they will nominate me and I suppose if I am nominated I will be elected. Ulysses grant was never a political man. In fact you'd only voted in one presidential contest in eighteen fifty six when you voted for Democrat. James Buchanan the civil war and the fight for reconstruction at caused grant to abandon. The Democrat gravitate towards the Republican Party by May of eighteen sixty eight grant was starting to realize that his fame popularity war hero status put him in a unique position to unite. The Republican Party win the White House and protect free slaves from a growing threat in the south to Klux Klan..

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