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Anita baker. Sweet love oh yes. I can see and talk about your radio station. You talk about what the sunshine is and almost having to make we'd love on w. i l. egg. We're gonna have intro that so wait. What is at high nightmare song. Then like a song which we've got no intro. I'm trying to think this song that would come in with the vocals and added on is example of a song. I'm crazy crazy. Crazy novels barkley. I can't talk about it then. Writing radio on before had a long altro radio station. You see like a reverse time you get to see the clock of nah i would not that was my you look at the time at myself. I would tell them myself. And then certain songs the feel for me you got to feel like on back in the day like on the promo forty five on the timing you would have the intro seven second intro you know under your body written a rhythm record better when you know the rhythm Five love hor three two man. I am so happy to be here on. Quest loves bream demand stephen hill. This is my girl anita baker. everything's going well in your world today and that you have a backley what she's talking about in this song from the fantastic nineteen eighty six. Cd rapture. This is anita baker with sweet love. I'm that is the best of all the songs i've ever heard in my entire life. It's absolute my favorite. Do over that man man i. I was really doesn't know that. There's a method to radio. And i respect that i respect. This is what i've been trying to impart upon him for the last several months. In if you don't have to do thirteen now but i think it's different. People want the information like when we when we talked to. Don't go they my first visceral reaction what you can do that. But then when we're in a culture where you want to hear the information and there you know you know kind of pop up video started started that where you want the information during the middle of the song because you've heard the song you know countless times before so if you can get something new while you're listening to it that that's great but viscerally when you when you for. What did you the song. I'm sure there's times when you made a mistake in maybe played a radio edit in. Oh yeah like the vocal coming in. You still continue or is it like a cut off you. Go straight to the callers..

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