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Or twelve remember at the half from three for seven. And this. What a game thunder, by the way, have not led if since it was twenty three to twenty. All at the line to the left Mississippi free throw now free Thursday, MRs sixteen for twenty three now, freed miss two rivers missed one. Now, Chris Paul MRs warning. Good from Paul. Ninety two eighty seven three Titus came for. Okay. See that's been the story of the third George at the top bounces right side for Schreuder around the atom screen penetrates to the foul line. Pull up twelve footer. He is fouled shoppers. Commits his sport intruders going to go back to the free throw line for two. Are they did? You're right. You're right. So Shumpert and I Don rivers. Schreuder got by him. He had a little mid range shot in rivers didn't contested. He just kinda ram and shoved him at the waist. Call. Officially be quite honest with you. That's all it really takes is. You're going have to shoot the basketball too much. If you get a guy down low it's a little bit of shopping really throw you off in the shooter as he gets the free throw and he's coming alive here. Order. Now eleven in the quarter eleven in the quarter. Fifteen the game. All the way James harden is on the Houston bench getting his left shoulder work done. Just put a heap. Pat on kief Jones is the trainer he was squeezing at massage again. Now, they're getting the Pat on it. Could be appointed concern going forward sitting at sitting sits next to propel the shooter second free throw dances off the rim. No good. But the rebound ricocheted around.

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