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Elliott friedman trying to coax information out of anthony declare about which other teams he may have spoken to before signing with florida. It went nowhere so elliott's backup plan was well. There's one of them. Rhyme with smash ville elliott. Well done we're going to hear anti declare here in a second What did you make of his off season and ultimately his landing spot in florida. Well first of all. I just wanted to say that i appreciate anthony Joining us it gets lost and everything else that's happening. I think this is low key one of the most fascinating stories about this. Nhl off season and just wanted to hear what he had to say. You know. I was on your show with brian and stuey on friday. And what do you think about what declared it. And i and you know what my answer was. I just want to hear what he has to say. And i listened. I'm happy. I got to hear it in his words and i really enjoyed listening to him. Talk about it. And i have to say jeff i roll my eyes when you ask people about their junior days and he loved it like he was right into it so but i i really have to say i just enjoyed hearing what he had to say and a lot of us have talked on his behalf. This was his opportunity to get it out unfiltered and almost running this interview unedited basically except for years in maya's mistakes so it's it's it's his ability to speak. Yeah like i said. I've done this once before. I started my last negotiations at sports net without a lawyer or an agent. And i didn't like it. I was getting mad. I just realized there was a point. I had to call someone in. And just handle this for me. Because i cannot do this. I respect his willingness to try. It's a brave move and this is how we we started off the interview by asking him about it. We've seen players do this before. Backstrom washington doughty los angeles but those are long standing relationships with those organizations at the player. Has there's a familiarity there. I think the fascinating thing about declare further to your point elliott is. This guy went out into the wild wild west on his own. If this wasn't like i'm re-negotiate negotiate a new contract with his team that i've been with for seven or eight years this is i'm going to market with nothing other than you know my services and my cell phone to offer that to me makes it so fat makes the declare story so fascinating regardless of what happened and did he leave money on the table like and he mentioned this in the interview to about learning about things in life lessons in. How do you put a price tag. How do you put a price tag. On what anthony declare. Leave the money aside. Elliot how you put a price tag on. What that guy learned. A lot of players will never have those types of conversations with general managers in the nhl while they are playing that doesn't happen but declares had those conversations and done it now. That's what makes us things. Oh fascinating you know. I would be surprised if he did this again. And i'll tell you this. I think there's going to be a race to represent him. One of the things he said was that he talked to some agents and i was talking to some people about the interview. I mentioned that we we talked to him was dropping area tomorrow. And i think there's going to be a lot of interest in him you know. It's sure sounds like he's gonna be in position in school in florida score. Some more goals right like they've obviously said to him. You're gonna be in a really good spot. I think there's going to be a lot of interest in them. I don't know if you'll do this again. Certainly sounds like he isn't but you're right. I think there's a lot of institutional knowledge there the more i think about it though. Jeff the bore. I wondered about the one question he docked there was one question is interview he doctor. He kind of laughed about it. And that's the one. I'd like to ask him again in the future. All right. that's when he makes his second appearance. But here's the first This is anthony declare over the florida panthers and yes while you junior hockey fans A -mongst the thirty one thoughts podcast listenership. Some good stuff here but his time with the quebec ramparts Patrick y and fully as well here is anthony declare on thirty one thoughts. The podcast anthony clear the florida panthers first of all. Thanks so much for doing this. And second of all. I think a lot of people are curious. We certainly are about the bold decision to represent yourself and we've seen this before. Most recently with players niklas backstrom with the washington capitals drew doughty with the los angeles kings. But but those were players that were negotiating with teams. They were already on and had relationships with the team. The general manager etcetera. You went to market on your own. Take us back to the origins of that idea. I also just want to take ownership of my own life and my career you know i want to learn the business side of the game and it just always something i wanted to do and to be honest with you is agreeing experience. Just having the opportunity to reach out to gm's across the league and nali negotiate a contract but just talk about you know myself and my game and overcome this past few years. Here this is telling my story and my side of the story You know when you have an agent Sometimes a shield you from the truth a little bit. Nothing wrong with that. But you know i just wanted to hear from. Gmc with the they had to say about me. And i think to be honest. That's going to help me become a better player and a better person for the future was the most eye opening thing. What's what's surpri-. I'm really curious because that sounds like that does sound fascinating. Yeah so only players never have that experience. What did you learn. I learned a lot Especially cool it off season three unusual offseason pa by seats that the market is much different than it would be. You know in normal times but just the opportunity to see them. Dissect my game Things i need to improve on you know constructive. Criticism is a duffy. When i needed to hear the johnson you sort of hear from from agents and different people like that but Just hearing it from you know a gm from himself was was really eye opening. And i definitely enjoy the experience. I'm curious what was the most eye opening thing you heard whether true or not true. That's a good question. I mean to get back to you. Now get an answer. I'll well because you know anthony. I tried this wants to with my last contract here. At sports net i started off negotiating with myself and a little while in just said. I'm not gonna do this. I'm taking it way too personally. And i need to put a buffer between me and them so you signed a one year. Deal the next one you do. Are you going to do it yourself or are you going to hire someone i think so for now. That's that's just what i believe in. That's just my mentality. i'm not doing it completely by myself. I do have some people surrounding me helping me that i you know i trust in the national hockey had many conversations with other agents during this process to and the day the players decision. What you wanna do an agent or not so for myself Os- hearing a lot of talk from a lot of different directions but at the same time I just wanted to When it came to making a decision you know soften and when it with my my gut feeling so anthony when when free agency started..

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