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Business now stood jailer good morning you're in the middle of the on certain hold on for second in all geelong's it's tough to stop now he's the teas my mother i era the edge just a phenomenal relationship with my parents people say well what happened on the dockside when you grew up absolutely nothing what kind of problems did a my parents have with my brother anay other than the fact that i was a troublemaker no problems today it's every other person while the you know there is what happened when i anyway enough about my perfect life and a little more about um a little more about the speech that i saw this morning i i was fortunate enough i wasn't aware of the time that it was on it but i was fortunate enough to flick on the tube and she trump give his speech live at davos switzerland now when trump gives a speech if he doesn't start with personal attacks and insults if he can get there was speech without that who i think a lot of us interest condition to say it was a good speech goma happened a watch it on msnbc only because i wanted to see the suddenly turned genius in every area and his iranian goodness i always like joe scarborough you so nice to me uh scarborough was making comments are the speech and you could sense the frustration because he really couldn't find anything wrong with the speech you know you're always searching camps sanders per is a mile here's what he or she did rogge clunky w if with it was it was a fine speech it was given to a way of a bunch of um guys guys glowing heidi air or a lot of billionaires in the edsa companies don't cake and he made a key statement and they are there registered was the clarification first of all there was nothing nothing wrong with his inaugural speech when he said that it was putting america first i thought that was wonderful he didn't finish the sentence every country should put themselves first he if he and he's found out that unless.

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