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Screaming woman. Couple of kids here a screaming woman who is buried alive but nobody believes them. Think about all of this okay. That's believing your kids sometimes can be very important. Thank you for tuning in on this monday. It's the first day of march brand new month. Sixty day of the year. Three hundred five days remaining we get to twenty twenty two. Georgina massachusetts became the first incorporated city in the usa on this date in sixteen. Forty two if you can't find georgina massachusetts on the map. That cities now york maine. Don't ask the salem witch. Trials began in massachusetts on this date in sixteen ninety two and continental congress adopted the articles of confederation in seventeen eighty one the first census authorized in seventeen ninety. Happy birthday ohio. You were admitted as the seventeenth state of the union back in eighteen o three justice samuel chase quitted the of his impeachment trial by the senate in eighteen o five a convention delegates from fifty seven texas communities convened in washington on the brazos texas to deliberate independence from mexico in eighteen. Forty five president john. Tyler signed a bill. Authorizing the us to annexed the republic of texas happy birthday a nebraska nebraska became the thirty seventh state of the union on this date in eighteen sixty seven it was renamed lincoln and became the state capital already in eighteen. Seventy to yellowstone national park establishes the world's first national park e remington and sons in alien new york started production of the first practical typewriter in eighteen. Seventy three henry comstock discovered the comstock lode. In virginia city nevada in eighteen seventy three and in one thousand nine hundred twelve albert berry took the first parachute jump from a moving plane in nineteen thirty two. The son of famed aviator charles lindbergh charles. Augustus lindbergh the third was kidnapped The ransom was paid. The body of a baby found ten weeks later just four miles from the home. It would be over six months later before the kidnapper would-be ab- Captured every piece of evidence available leads the same avenue. That avenue made right great and could bruno richard. How hotline will be convicted of the kidnapping and executed in april of one thousand. Nine hundred thirty six at the age of thirty. Six hoover dam completed on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty six. Ripley's believe it or not debuted on television in nineteen forty nine. Joseph stalin's collapsed on this date in one thousand nine hundred fifty three. Having suffered a stroke. He would die. Four days later. Puerto rican nationalists attack the capitol building injuring five representatives back in nineteen fifty four in one thousand nine hundred fifty five allen fieldhouse at the university of kansas host to this first college basketball game in one thousand nine hundred sixty one president kennedy the peace corps i have today signed an executive order providing for the establishment of a peace corps on a temporary pilot basis. I'm also sending to congress a message. Posing authorization of a permanent peace corps is call. We'll be a pool of trained men and women sent overseas by the united states government also private institutions and organizations to help foreign countries meet their urgent needs skilled manpower since its inception. More than two hundred thirty. Five thousand americans have joined the peace corps and served in over one hundred forty one countries now on march in march of last year due to covid nineteen peace corps announced it was temporarily suspending operations. All volunteers some seven thousand were evacuated from their posts. They hope to get back some volunteers in the field soon now. A nineteen sixty six. The ba'ath party took power in syria and was back in nineteen sixty six. A bomb exploded in the men's room in the capitol. The weather underground claimed responsibility seven indicted for their roles in watergate. Break in on this date. In one thousand nine hundred seventy four charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice swatch introduce their first time pieces on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. The us became a member of the burn. Copyright treaty convention in two thousand three management of the customer service and the secret service to the department of homeland security now also on that same date in two thousand. Patrick ewing retired from the nba. President thank you very much all the support that you gave me but the rest of my teammates always will be nick always will be a new yorker thank you. Ewing's jersey retired that night after nearly two decades with the knicks terry nichols convicted of state murder charges and being accomplished to oklahoma city bomber. Timothy mcveigh in two thousand four in two thousand six. The first confirmed case of h h five n one bird flu virus in switzerland a dead swan on lake geneva. Near the city of geneva. It was in two thousand seven. That major general george weightman. The man in charge of walter reed army medical center since august relieved of duty because top army officials had lost trust and confidence in the commander's leadership among those missouri. Senator claire mccaskill. This isn't about paint on the wall. Decisions about exit polls ceiling. This is about a system is not designed to make easy. The wounded now pressure been mounting for some accountability for the deplorable conditions and the administrative roadblocks many outpatients faced at walter reed passing away on this date in history actor. Jackie coogan comedian and actor. Joe besser you nasty man very very funny fellow was with the three stooges for a period of time also politician author harry brown journalist publisher andrew breitbart singer and producer jewel. Aken let me tell you about the birds and the bees and flowers and the trees and from one day at a time bonnie franklin. This is the birth date of composer. Frederic chopin bandleader. Glenn miller actor. David did a wonderful role in radio. Production radio production that we have a copy of of the a nine thousand nine hundred eighty four and it because it's an hour production on the nbc playhouse and be or nbc university theater. Anyway it's so long we can't get it into one of our shows. Archbishop current cardinal cooke also born on this date prime minister of israel yitzhak rabin peace prize winner. Also robert conrad who passed away last year at the age of eighty three. You remember him from the wild wild west and actor songwriter. Alan thicke happy birthday number. Ninety five to hogan's heroes star robert clary. Who also was a whole lacoste survivor. Did you know that but bo. In the comedy about world war two prison camps. He was a holocaust survivor. I did not know that. I think i knew that last year. Because i didn't know that originally anyway actor harry belafonte and day. Oh harry belafonte four years of obey bauge today. The who's roger daltry is seventy seven from the eighteen. Dirk benedict is seventy. Three from diamonds are forever parabola. Diamonds are forever. Lana wood is seventy five years of age. The woman whom short shorts were named after the duke from the dukes of hazzard catherine bach sixty seven years old. We knew him. First as opie and then ritchie cunningham and now a director producer ron howard. Sixty seven years of age from wings timothy. Daly is sixty five booker. T. can you dig. It is fifty six years of age today from csi. George eases fifty four he reversed new amid zack from saved by bell mark. Paul gaza lear forty seven years of age for madman and stranger things. Karabagh bono is forty seven from days of our lives and supernatural jensen. Accolades is forty three. She won an oscar for twelve years. A slave loop attend young goal thirty eight years old. Wwe's baked es thirty five cash. The singer songwriter thirty four impact wrestling to neo. Dash would is thirty two. Justin bieber is twenty-seven by the way be very careful when opening emails because it'd be email with the subject than indicates you want to tickets to adjust and bieber concert. Beware because it contains two tickets to justin bieber concert and from criminal minds in the middle abe allen twenty one though some of the people who celebrate the first day of marches their birthday. If this your birthday hi the four freshmen. Say from sixty six years ago march first. Nineteen fifty five suspense on classic radio theater. This is charles. Osgood we all know because we've been told over and over how important it is to eat a balanced diet and that the nutrients and fresh fruits and veggies are essential to good health fun but for me knowing that and eating as if i knew it are two different things among meat and potatoes guy and always have been so i was thrilled to find out that balance of nature capsules. Concentrate thirty one different fruits and vegetables with extracts fillers and with all those fighter nutrients. We need to be in top form balance of nature as well named to touch all the bases. What i do is to take a few of the fruit berry capsules. 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