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The nfl's concussions issue. I think this is an episode. Three episode four. Where he looks around john. Skipper does and realizes wait a minute. Where's the conflict of interest between us having partnerships with leagues that we cover and doing journalism about leagues that we cover and with that. Npr concussion story that espn was doing. He looked around and said oh wait. I'm the conflict. The conflict has arrived there me. I have to make a decision about whether i'm going to choose my partners here or i'm going to choose journalism. And he had to choose his partner. Because that is the last line when you're trying to do the reason that newspapers separate advertising and editorial because you want the editorial to be pure the reason that it's scary that a guy like bezzaz is running the washington post even as the washington post does great work is. He's got so much money that it is very easy for him to control whether or not the washington post is reporting about things that amazon does that are wrong. I'm certain with a journalist's background. He wanted to go journalism. But when you reach a level that that high where you're running. Espn that becomes very very very tricky. Almost half decide with your partner have understood. And i will read this to you though but that bar has been lowered because at the very top end when you're talking stugatz brain injuries and your partner and a concussion. Settlement that when ended up going for seven hundred and eighty five million dollars and they had to wipe it out. Because it's not enough when you're talking about up there that's trying to do journalism about the humane scientific things and then at the very end being compromised by your conflict of interest but to me the bar has been lowered during a pandemic because this isn't about concussions. Dana white has hey. If you want hackers to stop stealing your money how about you. Stop stealing the money of your fighters and pay them correctly. But what we have here with conor mcgregor specifically is this headline that. I just read you. Espn doesn't wanna talk about conor mcgregor's rape case. Worldwide leader in sports is largely ignored. That mcgregor.

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