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Today. There are so many Danes we could change. Animals have stooping names. Let's make them new. It's a fun thing to do. Let's change the names of animals. Like. Jerry or Lizard? Fan Ferdi, or even a vampire Baz ankle rat. Let's Change It's. Fun Game Let's change of animals. I can see that fun. We'll be right back after this. Are you enjoying the nine nine as much as I am Hello Ron Burgundy here with a word about the hit television show Brooklyn nine nine. If you haven't seen Brooklyn nine nine than you owe yourself a real treat, and if you're one of the millions of super fans out there already familiar with the show, get ready for more laughs and hijinks with all your favorite characters back for an all new seventh season on NBC. That's right. Jake Boil Hitchcock and Sally Rosa Amy Terry and Captain Holt are back for TV's best. Comedy, cool. Koo Koo Koo Koo as Jake. Would say seriously guys this. This show is the best thing running on TV these days, and that's saying a lot. There are by my calculations, one thousand and forty television shows, and this Brooklyn nine nine is better than all of them. Don't just listen to me. The critics agree this is the best TV show out there. The nine nine has everything a great ensemble cast, and the best writing, funny and sweet at the same time. Don't miss out. Your friends are watching it. Everyone is watching Brooklyn nine nine on NBC foam is a real thing. Folks Anyway. Brooklyn nine is now streaming everywhere. I'm Ron. Burgundy stay in school. All Right Rebecca the Ron Burgundy podcast. We'll.

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