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Oh that makes sense because on what signs of ice and war that makes sense because copper well that's what i was trying to think of like some scientific anger like i don't know what i'm talking about is there something else about penny like something else tastes like pennies night over your blueberry blood that's kind of an asshole is ninevolt real yeah you look a ninevolt different tales well pennies i think he's doing you might have a heart attack you taste pennies or a stroke on the stroke smell yuzhno sol for something i was thinking about this is all just the house we've just watched him which house our house every time he thought can it out the up and every time they fought of on it you think after why all right let's just trust house just let them go early of credit that's a good point i'm house and yet i watch thirteen in a row of that show so good it's shouldn't you down healthy here it's it's law and order as for you but with the body like what it is i love every time every time you see one of those like legit good english actors and the new seeing whatever and the new similar interview like what you're you're right now the walking dead he's english easing got another which got resent norman read issue me yeah i guess i don't know the not remain.

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