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And i appreciate all that you guys do the content and And the the love of aviation that you share with your with your programs all of you and Our life is going to be poor without doubt. Read there but Like goes on. And so. Mike harris with the why we fly podcasts and To me the the best thing my favorite thing and his lasting contribution is just his energy and enthusiasm for all things aviation just you know he he just eat sleep and breathe aviation and just love. Shares is enthusiasm with young people with old people anywhere. Anybody that would listen. He just would love to talk about anything aviation and just that energy and enthusiasm in his work through the podcast is is really a lasting legacy and and this week the loose wafa. Is it oshkosh right. The the german air force Cargo plane in in. In every time i walked by at this week. I can hear launchpad. Have you seen the lou. The loofah at oshkosh. I could just you know. Just i know he would have just loved that. So much So yeah. I love it in a full missing. So.

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