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I qazi i will kabul going into fridge rations qazi creating stocks with everything said he see how you could cross utilize food is so many different ways lets us into one more clipped this one is from naomi beer mom mom has diabetes so you don't think about what are you concerning when you don't know stuff that i grew up player not knowing that a ashley affects yeah health so the fact that i came to this program and theme a different wero and differing light it really is helping so now instead of using lobbying ius conscious all or on is that a buying iin powder i'll actually get a on and pat berries in land on parsley nephew's birthday malloy but i've been used in eight and that eggplant parmesan actually made it for them and she loves dangeous on a now eggplant the tastes like this the i'm very blast amina throw them it's really changing my life my kids life mountain moms live i also want the continent's algae school i want to open up my own beatty supply store next that a path aligned and then right next to islam be full you know a lot of people within down again ahead of a how is they hungry while just walk quite across and get a full aid the downey eat on channel the beat the dow willing always think bigger than way people said me but lucas are there places to access good food products in the navy hood i know that there are a community gardens uh that have popped up in browse phil a you using them as a source we absolutely are one of our closest partners woman brenda duchenne who founded a nonprofit called isabelle you ladies have elegance i should have rates five community gardens in a neighborhood to farmers' markets so be operating.

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