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We know this is this broke after the show at already published. The doctor who evaluated and gave that initial prognostic, what? What's the word? I'm lefrak NAS thrashing or. Yeah, I think that's the wrong where I know frog Noces we got. We made it there somehow. Jason was the one who stir of the English lane. How is that your noses? You're killing me, man, Gary skies tornado loss for the season. Very, very unfortunate. Was one of my favorites running backs to draft in in fantasy football season on a let the foot Glynn into some inside studio action. We have a whiteboard that has some names for our my guy players and Mike, which by the way, that's very, very soon. I'm gonna next week. Mike had what? Yeah. Is that true? It is one hundred percent is episode acing also on the whiteboard where I had written down. The guys was a, my guy has our list of. Our schedule of shows should check that up. Yeah, but you had to erase his name I'm going to did. I'm going to pick rob Kelley, and I definitely am not picking rob Kelley for the ceiling. I don't think that he has the range of outcome that will impress as much as Samaj a, but I just believe that he will be the one that gets the opportunity right now. He was the starter in the week, one preseason game. If you look at the depth chart where you know guys was listed at like five or whatever nonsense, I believe it has Chris Thompson as the starter at running back to is a tie. It's like the one eight one b situation way to be. Thank you. That is right to a to be between rob Kelley and Capri bibs. Oh, then in the third is a Mazi. So I'm gonna take rob Kelley just from a standpoint of looking, he never loses yards. He always falls for. Lord, he has slimmed down this off season. He's being called in camp slimmer, no fit rob. Oh, rob fit Roz. Oh, you know, I don't think rob Kelly is a good enough player to just really impress for fancy, but that's the guy that I'm going to take my shot on. Yeah, as a way to the way I projected the stats after the Geiss devastating injury was in half point leagues. Chris Thompson arrived Kellyanne up with about the same total fantasy points and both of them are not extremely relevant for fantasy owners outside the top thirty six. So I do think the Jay Gruden looks at his running back depth chart and rob Kelly is he represents the the son that is out in the workshop making just nice normal tables. He's just making good tables. No, they're not wobble. You're not wildly. They're all the legs now p Rhine heat report, but every once in a while he Ryan. Will make a nice real nice table, but most of his tables have are real wobbly uses the wrong, would. Shortcuts at a little bit. I just think they look at rob Kelley and the discipline that he has and they were awarded with playing. He also does not fumble than we asked that's huge for Jay Gruden. And if you had not heard Jay Gruden at least right now says in the draft, they grabbed Gary skies because he was the best player on their board. They are fine with their current running back situation in implying they will not be adding someone like going out trying to find a Orleans darkwa Amir, Abdul, or trying to coerce DeMarco Murray out of retirement. It's funny to me because both Robert Kelly voice public opinion probably disagrees with that assessment..

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