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That's 800 to 15 51 41. Peace talks between Afghanistan and the Taliban have begun US days. John Hunt has more historic negotiations between the Taliban and Afghanistan's political leadership opened in Qatar, offering a great chance of peace after decades of war. The U. S. Had hoped negotiations would start within two weeks of February 29th when it initially signed the peace deal with the Taliban. U S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attended the opening ceremony. He met with Taliban co founder and political deputy Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. Heads the organization's office in Qatar's capital and the members of the Taliban negotiating team, according to State Department spokesperson Kale Brown. For use Radio News. I'm John Hunt. It's been a violent summer in Baltimore, and it only got worse this past week with more hears US days, Chris Barnes between Sunday, September 6th and this Sunday morning, Baltimore police say at least 45 people were shot across that city. 11 of them had died from the shootings. 34 Others were wounded. Some still hospitalized over the long Labor Day weekend. 14 people were shot. Two of them died and one person was fatally stabbed. So far this year, Baltimore has seen a total of 233 homicides just shy of the 240 recorded at this point last year for use radio news. I'm Chris Barnes. You can listen to the news any time by logging on to USA radio dot com For USA Radio News. I'm Wendy King. Feel way of living with diabetes is a pain you've.

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