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Ends with no one able to comment on it. And apparently goes away with a whimper. Apparently. We saw Matt Kuchar. Finally, do the right thing took him a couple of days, but he did the right thing we heard about Antonio Brown earlier in this day, my colleague, Ian Rapoport at at NFL network reporting, even though both were in Florida. He would not meet with art Rooney. The second perhaps an invitation to clear the air between the Steelers receiver and ownership and then later in the day ABC said he would we meet with Mr. Rooney in Florida. Luis Severino before he could even worry about several years of arbitration and all that stuff signs. I what forty million dollar contract with the Yankees that I have to believe the Yankees somewhere somehow even the tiniest bit enjoy tweaking the Mets over Severino's contract and two grams contract situation. Don't exactly parallel we understand that. But a day after Jacob degrom so vocal the Yankees do something very quietly in getting something done with Severino. No word from today. As far as I know. Which might be a good thing. Although apparently, you an assessment is spoke. And apparently, and I just saw a graphic on ESPN with the sound off full disclosure. But apparently he said he doesn't know if it's three months two months or one month, and I'm making the leap that he was talking about coming back. We're gonna effort that we're gonna try to help you out with that helped me out with that. I'm the one who needs help with that. I don't know what I'm talking about. But I'm guessing. But man would that be good news, but gotta be cautious with that one. Because you know, how will probably go and how it often goes. But we'll see we shall see. We do have a couple of great guests tonight. I'm looking forward later in the program. And I'm here till ten and I am Kim Jones. Happy to be with you on the fan tonight. Nine o'clock hour, we will talk to Christie Acker who is with the Yankees Christie, of course, with the daily news, a former Mets beat writer. So she'll have some perspective on that as well. I'd have to believe I know she well, she certainly knows that team as well. As anyone but Christie will join us in the nine o'clock hour, Eddie see around eight o'clock, so very much looking forward to talk to those two. I haven't talked to Eddie see in a long time haven't talked to Christie in a long time. So I'm looking forward to that. And I do have ESPN on here in the studio and they're showing kneeling of Colin Kaepernick and Eric read back when both were forty Niners both in uniform. It's going to be interesting to see how much that cause remains now that those two Colin Kaepernick not in the league Eric read just signed a new three year deal with the Carolina Panthers. How much the cause remains because they now have committed to silence. As has the NFL and its owners and a personnel. So now, we're going to get silence. We are. We're already had seen of course, the number of players kneeling declined greatly. I mean, it was a handful. I believe this past season. So anything on the table tonight. My goal. Full disclosure. I never lied to you guys. Full disclosure. My goal is to not do an entire show on cap. And I'm going to be honest with you guys. I can't do another whole shell underground. You are more than while Rosenberg's laughing across the way, I think he thinks I'm nuts with the honesty staff. But I'm just never gonna lie to you guys. And any topic is fine. Really it is. But the whole show last night on degrom. A guy who I think deserves a chance to have a gap pass here. And I truly don't think is going to you know, opt out when his team needs him to opt in. I really don't see that. From what we saw last year from Jacob degrom. Listen, he wasn't just the Cy Young winner a year ago. He was teammate of the year. Right. A guy who never got run support. You could tell his teammates felt horrible about it. And he for the most part either occasionally smiled as way through a post game interview. Or at the very least said, I know these guys are trying as hard as they can. Right. So to me Jacob degrom will probably find a way to find tune that message next time, he talks to the media. I'll be interested in about an hour and twenty to see if Edie see agrees with me on that. I look forward to a good conversation with that easy. Hey, we've broken new ground at the fan because I heard Michael Conforto on with Joe beningo today. It was kind of fun. Dear Conforto on the fan. Talking to gel. Talked about how he's feeling better talked about the excitement for the season. Which is what you're going to hear now for probably the first I don't know seven to ten days. That's everything that you'll hear for the most part unless we help there aren't injuries this early. Although I neglected dimension this tomorrow night. Did you see that Matt Harvey has a gluten injury? And I read I thought I read I think I read that you know, like the angels take was like could still be ready for the season opener. We'd hopes out. That's one thing I declined or I neglected to mention last night. Maybe that would have gotten a few calls. Or maybe not in ever since we last checked in with Rosenberg, by the way. He assures me that he has watched the dog shell via DVR we will get into that a little bit later as well. Both paulie and Tommy had last night off good for them. Conor. And Matt did a very nice job. I will tell you tonight, though, the group here, myself included is ordering dinner, and I might start a countdown clock on my phone for dinner because I think we're gonna order in about an hour. And I'm very excited about that. I feel great. I, you know, I don't want to be obnoxious about this stuff. I really don't you know, if someone out there thing, I don't care. How you feel? I get it. I, you know, fine. That's all right. But I felt so good on Sunday. So good like unbelievably good. And I think I feel that good again today. And listen, I I'm grateful for every day. And I feel good. I feel good every day. But when you just feel great that's a whole different animal whole different animal. And I feel absolutely great. And I'm so excited to be with you guys till ten o'clock. I do not know Polly who comes in after me at ten. Can we find that out at some point JJ? Polarity knows John jastremski after dark is that the whole is it is well heck it could be Caja after dark right now because it's dark probably not. Probably not not I don't eat a nickname cage as okay, but the after dark. I don't think I'd go. Nonetheless, JJ we'll be here a little bit later, and he'll take over at ten. In the meantime, my prediction is that of these in these five shows we will continue to take hundreds of calls in five shows. I think it's legitimate to think I've taken two hundred calls this week that might be a little high. Maybe a little high. But it's been a lot of calls and I've loved them. Absolutely love them. So I'm here till ten. We'll take plenty of your calls at eight. Oh my God. The calls are jammed already. I just look at the board. And the board is jammed. I love you guys really ideal. I don't know if you all believe me, but I do. All lines are jammed, and I didn't even give the number yet. And I didn't even look at the board and Paul desperately wants me to take a break sometime in the next twelve seconds Kim Jones with you til ten eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six I do think just a crystallized this. I'm sure we're going to get into it to some degree. I do think in some ways you could argue this is just a good day for the NFL. They get to put something behind them. Now what it costs them? I have no idea. I have no idea where to start on any sort of a financial number no idea, but they get to put something behind them. And at least as I understand it Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reed cannot talk about the the way in which or what how this collusion lawsuit. How it was settled. So they essentially bought silence. And move past this. I find that interesting. And my sense would be just my off the cuff sense would be for the NFL. That's worth it. I think capper Nick and read one in the sense that they've they've got to have been paid. For this to go away. But in terms of for the NFL to now on this issue at least from those players. I mean, they can't control every other player. But from these two main players who filed the the collusion, suits, they. Now, I believe have bought silence. That part of it. I think you have to admit is a win for the NFL. I think so. Kim Jones with you til ten we're going to take a break, and we will get back to the very busy very early. But busy phones. I'm Kelly Dillon with the fan highway.

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