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A car on payments? No, we just experienced that We do need to get the truck repaired at some point on DH. Yes, we need to buy a car before we do that or have made other arrangements for Transportation During the time I would talk to one of the mechanics that's thinking of doing the repair and see if they have a car that they will rent you for the two weeks that your truck is down instead of buying a second car. Okay, just get you some kind of a loner off their back a lot. That's a hoop de, even if you pay them a little bit for the loner. That's better than buying a car right now. You don't need to do that. And then let's get the truck repaired and let's sell it. And get out of that Now we have no debt and no car. But you by then you could have put together. This is all going. Take till Christmas. By then You could have put together a little bit of money and you pay cash for a two or $3000 car. Let's get you out of the land of car payments completely. But this truck probably needs to be repaired to get the most value out of it. Okay? And I still I still have about Three more years on my truck payment. No, you don't. Not if you sell it. Okay? I didn't know I could tell vehicle without you fix it and sell it And you'll be probably $1000 in the hole. You write a check for that 1000 year out of that completely. Say back 1000 1500 bucks and get you a little beater car for cash. And that's your first step away from this entire mess. It is not financing something at the Towson out. Lot of 22% interest. You got screwed. You know you're out of the car loan business. Is what we've just laid out for You. Okay? You don't You're not going to do that. But honestly, reach out to that mechanic Find they've got a loaner car something you could pay a couple $100 a week to be able to come home. I got to get to that gun truck fixed, right? Can't sit around or two months. Put the head gasket on it. So one week job, Max. And you know, and then you can do the shocks later or not do them and sell the truck. 160,000 model truck that drives like it's worn out is not a big problem when you're selling it blown Head gasket issue. And this car that you're going to save up and buy for cash. This is going to be a car you're gonna have for a year or two, because you're going to keep saving up to be able to upgrade but no more financing. Raise your right hands, so I promise to never borrow on a car again. I promised I'd never buy on a card game. If you wanna be wealthy. If you don't want to be financially stressed, you know how much stress you've had in the last 48 hours. A lot. Yeah. If you never want to be there again, never have a car payment again. Keep that promise to yourself. You have to keep it to me. But car payments each year but alive, man, and they definitely been eight in your butt. Wow until 22%. Well, the scam on those guys, is they they fully intended to take his 1000 bucks is what they did. I set him up $1000 down. They went and got the truck going. Got the car before he got paid to pay. The 500 thing knew what was happening, and there's probably a $1500 car. A lot of times I sell the car for the value of the car is the down payment and all the money. They make it 22% profit. And so that's a scam line.

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