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I Okay Yeah Game. We know how that goes on that one one five years ago. I plead guilty to that. My friend okay. Let's let's call a truce okay. Steve Thousand Dominicans. One as you come in here and we fight every morning but by the end of the show threatens I love you I love you too Buddy. I what's so we don't Elizabeth. I mean of course her story. Of course yes. We'll get you the moment if you've been listening Elizabeth then her boyfriend Joseph. They've been dating since college but they're she's kind of growing suspicious that Missing in his schedule she has nowhere. He's been turning up. Is that right? Elizabeth. I just don't know what to believe anymore. Elizabeth got to be tough but Elizabeth did you. His cell is cell phone or no no strange move okay do is that it from Elizabeth from her side of the story. Okay so we're GONNA talk to Joseph here in a moment simply nope elizabeth calm down for a second okay. Jeez God stock owner Karen Next. Settle down. Now let's get stick to the. We'll say I will say this when Karen. I went to weight watchers together a couple years ago. She was great. She you know. She was supportive and stuff. She's been able to keep the weight off maintain that way. Oh I don't think that's necessary. Dealing she's a CAIRN another. Look what I'm just saying again. This is often. This seems like off air. Talk to me. We you know we're going to get in trouble the program today. He's probably this all out. I mean though that question we down the boss's office all right so you guys know the drill by now so we talked to Elizabeth Nicole. Her boyfriend she hopes to soon be fiance or husband. Joseph who she thinks is maybe You know doing little dilly dally on the side you're gonna find out our going to offer them This I think I'll give them a movement watch here. Nice Ingrained Movement. Watch right now. movement MBMD's.

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