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It's the illegal to come in without a mass because the governor said, read it, he doesn't say that there's only a provision for finding an individual, so if I go into Heb and I start breathing on people, two feet away coughing on them, then I could be I, could face two hundred and fifty dollar fine, so it's not to say that it's great, but it's there's no enforcement on the individual you you know and the same is true. Actually with the local in, it's interesting. I was looking at some other county mandates and city mandates, and they're all pretty much identical to ours here in Lake Jackson which is not that you have to wear a mask as the media portrayed it in our own local paper, portrayed it, but what it did. It did elsewhere in other counties in Texas it said you businesses you must develop a plan a business plan which includes a safety health and safety policy. Not that you have to force mass, you must have a policy and you must post it on your business saying that if you cannot distance while you're in this business six feet, then you should wear a mask. That's all it says, and they've. It's been so misrepresented and you go into the stores. Dr Paul and everyone is droning along with their masks. Nine percent of the people you have to read the legislature have to nothing on legislation. You have to read these mandates because they know they can't force it so the weasling around it. In medicine there is. An answer to this because it was voluntary, if somebody was sick and had a had a deficiency in their immunity were we were doing surgery. Wasn't discussed. We just did it, so it was targeted was done all the time. I spent a lot of hours with a mask on, but this is this is different. This is being mandated in claiming that it's going to keep you from getting an illness. It's going to kill you and I think there are two main reasons why I think that we should. Do our best to dispel the fear of the of not having people wearing a mask i. It doesn't help the hell health. If it's targeted, you know for these incidences. Yes, we will do that, but but not not for everybody doing it every place you go, and and this. There's no proof that it's. It's really cutting back down. Disease and also it's the issue of personal liberty and personal choices that. Yes, this..

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