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Lopez. Joining me now in studio from the YouTube premium show covert KAI, actor Martin cove, welcome to the show. Sarah. Thank you, pleasure to meet you been a big fan for a long time. I was very excited about this series. When I heard it was coming up and the show itself has been getting a lot of love thirty years later now where is John crease during Greece's been missing thirty years. And he hasn't been proud where he's been can't tell you too much. No. But you still say, I'm still sense. Yeah. He's still sensing and he comes back and with the intention to discover KYW's we've learned in episode ten sees worn has been successful, Janis Cobra KAI, and as far as we're concerned, John crease has a whole of the plan. And as he says in the episode, he says the story's just begun. It's not all evil, and and I think of this characters eve will I really don't, you know, he he's pure. He is what he is. Because of went on Vietnam. Right. The our soldiers were never allowed to win there. He was never allowed to win as a champion previously. And he's misunderstood us misunderstood. A lot of our villains. Are you know will Martin cove is with us talking Cobra KAI season two's, streaming on YouTube now more with Morton on the way back geiko studios. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. If you ever had a sore throat, you know, you want something immediately soothe it will these new Vicks able jobs are so powerful soothe it cool. It vaporize Powell they're not like those candy cough drops. So try out of four throat drops to vaporize sore.

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