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By Ted dibiase. And then all of a sudden, who sees persona, he got over as a baby face. I remember one of the worst cuttings he ever gave me was one night after all. Was over, and I went back to the locker room area and there he looked down at the floor like he was looking for dimes. And I said, well, how's it feel to be a big baby face, man? I got an FU and SOB and, you know, he was ripping my ass. I said, well, let me hold on a second. Because I knew what motivated stoical. Yeah. Money. I said, you know, the money you could make. Simply on a merch. Is astonishing. You'll make more money on merch than you've ever made with a resting contract. And he raised his head up off the floor and looked at me. And he was searching for more info. I said, you're going to have quarters of income where you're going to make 7 figures. And you know I both know 7 figures is a $1 million. That's a lot of t-shirts. You might say, but you've got your audience is growing at least some bounds every week. There's more posters every week. That's a great market research. The promoter should look at the science and the audience. I love it when AEW fans rank signs. It tells us what's on their mind, which are thanking what has their interest at that point in time. Right. So he got over his heart on for being a babyface and started accepting the role because becoming a baby face might not have been his preference. He wanted to be an old school heel. I said your shelf life would be longer as this character baby face. That's what he was. He wasn't Ricky steamboat, Ricky Morton, trying to kind of a baby face. He was a character baby face that didn't change his work style. It changed his whole his mannerisms as a sequencing or nothing. He just was a rough ass character baby face. And I told him, you know, you're kind of like cowboy was. Back in that air, cowboy was not going to take a lot of bones. Right. But he was so much run into his fist as often as you wanted to. Until it was time to go home. And people loved it. They lived by carelessly through that. So he started coming around in that regard, but and we all knew that somewhere down the road, you know, at some point, stone cold versus red heart was the money. And it was money. WrestleMania 13 was a hell of a massless dude sad. So as a double turn, and those are hard to pull off. I've been a part of many successful ones. So yeah, I think that I think that we were on the cusp of doing a lot of things, but we needed Brett. To make sure it all worked. Because he had a stability, and he added believability to the process that we're trying to achieve. So it was interesting time to say the least in this episode of raw is really compelling and standpoint that it opened a door for a lot of things. It's going to be a different day, different era, different priorities. And it was looking back on it is a whole lot more exciting now than it was then because then we didn't know where we were going. We didn't know. Is this going to work? And nobody created the attitude era when nobody was supposed to think, oh, attitude air, shit, nobody knew what that was. We wanted to get new talents involved. There were hungry. They were looking for an opportunity. And nobody was hungrier than the stone cold. And I know this is not a stone coach show, but that was kind of the mindset of what we're trying to do. You have guys a chance that has been working a long time. There were good hands in the ring. There were pro wrestlers and they were doing. And that included at the top of the very list was Bret Hart. Red hart was where it all started in the trickle down from Brett was prominent and significant to say the least. Well, to be clear, it kind of is a stone cold episode because he's one of the opponents that Brett's looking forward to working with the most, and of course we know it'll be Brett's first opponent. But before we press play, I want to ask a couple more questions. One specifically about Bret Hart. I'm not exactly sure when the timeline happened, but I know in 1996, is when we see JJ Dillon leave and go to WCW. And I believe that happened, the month prior in September. So I am curious since you're now going to be trying to tackle some of the talent relations stuff on a Bruce had a cup of coffee in that C to believe. All right, he did. But were you involved in any of the Bret Hart negotiation? No, and you know, that was a comedy nominator through the years of advance. He took ownership of certain talents. Got it. When we brought in return Hogan, you know, I had no relationship with Hogan. And unfortunately, I still don't have one at this very day. I respect him. I don't dislike him. I just never got close to it. Then this had a close time. And they had been closer in 19 would say, but no, I didn't have that was all Vince. Some of those talents, like warrior, and Brett, of course. The one that he let go of because I got more results than Vince did was Austin. Right. Officer became my guy. And, you know, I did everything I could for stage to win and for the company to win. For the company to win with Austin, make sure his contractors solid. And he's happy. And make sure he's getting paid well. Based on what he's earning and what he's selling. Again, the house show business was a huge component of what we were doing and added to the bottom line of these guys income. But Vince was Brett versus guy. And we also wanted to handle Brett himself. And I think that was a smart move quite frankly. I could back it up. I could reinforce his theories and his feelings and so forth to Brett when it was called upon. But this one to make sure he took care, Brett, and I said, have at it. Because that gave us you know, that helped me out a lot. It helped me get a deal done. Basically because we answer trying to was ramrod again. And I think that made bread feel good. 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