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Threw him up and down in finally at the andy just kind of picked him up by his pelt and the back of his neck and just spike team into the ground okay now i guess we can move on to other things and and we all looked around and thought thank goodness that i didn't know about green bay dead fad decision like like only could be done years ago you couldn't do that you couldn't do that now in in a in a in a million years and and then whitey shorts day the other tradition we had voting green was whitey sports day and this had gone on for several years before i got there but it was this magic guy that didn't exist mythical care noon ethical character whitey schwartz and you'd start the last day a practice before the last game whitey is coming to town white he should be here he's got a flight into toledo he's going to get in at two o'clock by the time they drive him down here he should be here about four forty five five o'clock and he's going he wants to to be here with the team again fictitious petition we'd put it on the like we have those those things like two o'clock like sky tin tin yeah ten harari up on the board whitey will be here it was on the board four forty five he's going to arrive at we batted practice they say he's on seventy five he should be here any time we'd be talking and they'd done it before so the coaches kind of knew what happened but to tradition was when the practice ended we would pick the coaches up and carry him to a pond which was like a quarter of a mile away it's a long trek along track they'd be up on our shores white is in town why didn't tell white he's in ta and why did he gain he's he's mythical he's fictitious so we take our coaches donating cluded up on our show whitey's enjoying seeing this or he's looking from somewhere okay so we take them out to the pond and we throw them into the pond in on it's cold it's like november who they're all quivering shiver and three get him out laughing then some of the players jump in and we'd just have a ball psychology that guy was a master so the one year there it was a rainy wet muddy day and the trek to the pond seem like something that we didn't want to do so someone had the idea and white he said it was a good idea just to take them to the swimming pool which is right next to our practice field and we'll throw him into the coach's into the swimming much more convenient that's more convenient you didn't have to walk so we went over and we're all mud cleats and mud and the shoes and all that we throw coaches in the pool and some of the players they start to jump in and sam cooper was our swimming coach and her having swimming practice at the time and his pool never forty years later still had a filter problem because of all the mud that had to go through the system and he was infuriated but we had a guy on our coach by the name of bob dudley so they threw him into deep end not realizing that he couldn't swim he couldn't swim so he's in the pool and he about it he's gonna become baqi goes again and we're looking at is he just joking comes up and finally jobs in and he's tread water jt i'm telling you this this is the honest to goodness star he's treading water and his does comes up the third time he goes bob you mean you can't swim and so he grabs him enlists him up and he any finds his way to the to the railing and i swear he could have drowned that day if our head coach deloitte and the going in god's action what what are the chances that i we throw him in the deep end and the second that are running back coach couldn't swim and duds was prepared for a pond just to this the water right i don't think it was probably three feet out there upon so that could have been a disaster but you know what football these are the memories like talking jim going up the hill and all the.

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