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The New York Post, and it's about a man who lost his penis to a blood infection and he had a new one built on his arm. So usually, I'm not a person to read these kind of medical. Forearm to yeah. So there's a picture of him with his right arm under his. Chin. He sitting on the lawn with his knees ups. BLERTA's. Forearm. Straight out and he's got Dick Hanging off of it that they blurred out. Like an immediate click for me like fucking immediate immediate, and we can't. We can attach dicks to arms but can't find a vaccine I. mean this has been really monopolizing. Okay. So he had a taint infection. Okay. and for some reason, this man was in the UK and he just did not go to the doctor. So you went into the article wanting to feel sorry for him because losing a Dick Sucks us just that you have my sympathy. But he had a taint infection that he did not go to the doctor about at all in a place where he had free health insurance and his penis went black and fell clean off, and there's a quote in the article. He said quote because I had been through the devastation of knowing I was going to lose it because it's penises turned black I, just picked it up and put it the bin when it fell off through. This should waiver. Age? And then eventually went to the doctor nowhere. That's organic material. You could throw that in the compost. Do you don't need to do that in the trash that's going to end up in a landfill? Seen. They've fabricate a new Dick yesterday made this new Dick, the article goes into it. Absolutely Love I. Love when there's instances like this, where you have to use the word, penis can't be like man loses rod reattached is the four. Yes. So he's he's been having. He's had this penis on his arm for four years. Jesus, and here. Wow. Maybe that's how long it took to grow or something. This is like one of the last paragraph in the article I'm GonNa. Just read it. fucking verbatim quote at the new penis has still not been attached four years after the procedure, due to a series of missed appointments, scheduling problems at this guy stuff shortages at the hospital, and lastly the coronavirus pandemic, what does it take to get this man to the hospital for his if his dick fell off and he still didn't go to fucking hospital if you're missing if you're missing literal Dick, appointments you lost a Dick due to. Negligence Your own. Your own negligence. You don't have my pity Sir Yeah, and then you get a new Dick Grown on your arm and you this appointments. Busy Lady. You're a busy lady I wonder sometimes when people get. Plastic surgeon until like it's a job. Yeah. I wonder if that's what it is. If the Surgeons Listen My work was immaculate this motherfucker ahead, three follow up appointments. I didn't see them ever again like. I can't believe that he threw it in the garbage. I can't believe how casual he was about his turning black and falling off his body, and I can't believe how nonchalant about walking around with a Dick on his forearm needlessly. Blake. The placement of it is I'm just filled with questions. So our you dude, intend to use this for its original purpose. They did say the Bulls he did not lose his balls in down there. The balls are intact. It's just a shaft uh-huh, and he will be able to Pe- through this. I mean I, guess that makes sense it. It's insane and it's on his forearm. So this man is having to cook with a walking in public like this with a Dick on his fucking forearm, like you lost one free to Google this. He? Lost? One Take arose doing. Google it, but do it in a incognito. Mother. All the men I sent it to did not respond very well, all the women I sent it to or like I'm a crying. because. You know there's already that stereotype that men won't go to the doctor, but also there's the stereotype that men are very attached to their penises. So it's like this is the perfect confluence. Shoot Perfect storm of. Problems. The Guy seems oddly proud again, they blurred the Dick, not this man's face. What is going on in the world, yeah. I. Yeah. No. I saw. You haven't twitter exchanges about. Criminally under reported story like. Yeah I mean with everything going on, I, think that story uses they a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak new cycle. You know I mean. It's delicious. That's enough about the forum. Pena's May never enough, but we'll. Come back into my. Let's get into some food his. is now time for this week in food history. Serious Shoot. So in our tour around the kitchen, I was trying to think of summer fruits and vegetables that maybe I could do a little history on and I came across something fucking incredible credible that I had never heard of. So we're going to talk about how one cantaloupe has saved millions and millions of lives are you ready? So we all know the story of how Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in nineteen, twenty eight. If you guys don't, I'll do a very quick refresher. The Scottish microbiologist returned to his laboratory following a summer holiday and found that all of his growth plates of staphylococcus bacteria had been contaminated with mold, but he noticed that wherever the mold is. is growing the bacteria cells had been killed, and then he figured it wasn't actually the mold that was killing him, but this juice byproduct and that the produced was just destroying the bacteria and this is what flemming named, Ellen, and boom. This was our first discovery of antibiotics like very set laboratory setting, but it wouldn't be until nineteen, thirty, nine that ernest chain and Sir Howard Florey managed to distill concentrated penicillin from mold. But by nineteen forty one, they were finally ready to treat their first human patient. So you can see like how long this took from the discovery of it to you know, okay. We're GONNA test this on people but due to the experimental nature. Nature, of this drug, they needed someone who was seriously ill if not like on death's door. So in nineteen, forty, one, Albert Alexander, a police constable in Oxford in the UK had scratched his face and that scratch had gotten really infected by both staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria, and he lost an eye already to the infection, and he was getting more obsesses all across his face. So he was not long for this world. So they're like perfect candidate. So Alexander was given an intravenous infusion of one hundred and sixty milligrams of penicillin and within twenty four hours, his fever had resolved and he'd regained his strength and appetite and he was able to talk, but sadly, it was clear. Clear that the mold that they had been working with made very little amounts of penicillin, it took almost two thousand liters of mold culture fluid to obtain enough pure penicillin, treat a single case of substance in this person. So after five days of treating this man, the team ran out of penicillin and his condition quickly worsened and he died guys. This was the world we used to live in people died from a scratch on their fucking faces was that was in forty one. That's really not that long. Our grandparents were alive. Some of our parents may have been alive and yeah. So he he just died a little cut and because they couldn't make enough penicillin. So. was clearly promising going to be a miracle drug, but they needed a more effective way to produce the antibiotic which was badly needed. Since this was at the height of World War Two I read a statistic that in World War One, we lost eighteen percent of soldiers to Monja, and that could be treated with penicillin. So scientists all over the world sent in mold samples to laboratories hoping that they would help discover the mold that could make more penicillin. So on a hot summer day A. A laboratory assistant, Mary Hunt arrived with a cantaloupe that she picked up at a market that was covered in this golden mold in. Illinois. So she went to all the farmers markets in Pretoria and she was asking for all their moldy fruits and vegetables which the shop owners were super reluctant to sell her because it wasn't. You know their best stuff and she's like, no, no, no, no. Give it to me and they thought she was just an odd eccentric woman. You Adore with this cantaloupe. Business I have money you have..

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