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Andrews birthday remind me to talk about birthdays later on Jerd Yamamoto okay the most handsome producer and all produce three autumn Fisher now getting a glimpse of a J. black as we begin our number out of the program let's talk some sport Georgia Bulldogs in sport I forget in the in the audience here down her says or no thank you okay good all right we had a lot of sports the talk about today Jay I want to start with some sad news for the local squad at the five stripes lose in the semifinals at Mercedes Benz stadium and I'm going to place blame on the aforementioned most handsome producer of all producer because he didn't go to the game last night he our allied instead where in the the the if the furry outfit with his hot girlfriend why did you go to the game last night first of all I'm a dalmation thing okay sorry and it will we have an obligation to our listeners we had to make sure that we get got it done I've been catering to a little bit of an issue that's been going on for a minute with my family so I've added teh I've had to take care of that and that's why we had a tape last I would have loved to have gone and I would have gone to the MLS Cup two had at a press conference last night Arthur blank laid the blame squarely on your shoulders he said that Yamamoto not showing up was the cause that they lost to you're getting married to show up at the game this time is not there that's part of the reason the team lost larger I'm so sorry you know because we have that awful horrible team playing this Sunday that I don't even want to mention this would have been a nice bright light in the sky by the way your Arthur blank sounds a lot like my aunt Audrey by the way like that's I did it could be Arthur blank and Audrey selects and Audrey J. blacked obviously sports director is what they know Cup this year for the five tribal technically they do have to have a U. S. open Cup yeah but the big Campioni C. A. F. but let us know no allies champion could not repeat for that we cannot repeat their title would have been the first MLS team in twelve years to do that and look like they were about to run away with the score in the fourth minute had a chance to go to nothing but the joys of Martinez miss that penalty kick and seem like from there the wind con ed stalked out of a little bit Toronto converted on the two chances they had and they will go to the MLS Cup final against Seattle is still the most successful sports franchise in Atlanta right now would only yeah down and by the way I'm I'm gonna go hawks now I'm gonna shift real is it possible so you know when autumn me there yes I so you'll get a J. blacks I can't see right now so you know when you were pregnant and they say husbands when they're when they're wise you're pregnant they they have they get they get little chubby years well what's sympathy way sympathy wait so here's my Therion Y. von Hesler is off today Trey young sprained his ankle a bad so Matt maybe Eric's got some sympathy pain for his new man crush tray Yang and that's why he's off today certainly guilt all I imagine so I mean everyone thinks that Eric is the curse area hanging out one thing said Eric search hearing for TV star security for United what happens United loses Eric the we do the video with Trey young on Friday last week what happens tree and he turned his ankle this goes all the way back to the falcons blowing the Superbowl several years ago and it the train just continues continues continues the von Hesler curse maybe he cursed Atlanta traffic.

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