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The mail itself. Our number four ten three one six five three two zero to get a copy that report. Elsewhere in the markets this week. As the oil selloff continues. And west Texas intermediate down by more than thirty percent since early October our own RV capital markets, commodity strategists Halima cross believes, and I quote, it's gut check time the combination of the oil price retreat and lack of constructive. Data points in recent weeks. I think underlies outflows of recent months, so many of the stock market investors market participants their attention from what we've gathered remains fixed on really the outcome of potential production cuts from OPEC. And so these are things we need to look at it. I think the concern is that the proposed production cut. You know, isn't going to be large enough and supply will continue to outpace demand and really further pressure prices. From current levels. So we need to keep our eyes on again this recent oil sell off in the markets, the general volatility, and this may be a theme I expressed this to a client answering her Email question to me earlier this week about the markets the outlook. And I said that the the one consistent trend that we've gathered that I have found in the markets is volatility. We're getting these wild swings up five hundred points one day or up six hundred one day down seven hundred the next, although if you paid attention to the markets, I do believe at some point. We're nearing a bottom, or at least testing a bottom in the markets trying to develop some support here with all this volatility because on Thursday, the markets were down close to seven hundred points on the Dow Jones and it came rallying back late day still finished down on the day. But it certainly regained much of what it lost on. Thursday. So we're seeing equity markets now being hit once again. By a fresh surge of volatility. I think vigilance is the watchword really for this late cycle period that we're in with the markets. We're going to look at several kind of inflamed pressure points. Here this morning on the program on the weekly wealth report and really try to discuss for you all the listeners of the weekly wealth report trying to have an appropriate posture to take towards stocks and to have an appropriate posture for your investment portfolio to have towards your equity positions as the stock market's going to continue to work through these challenges. So again, you're listening to Tim herb of RBC wealth management, our tactical planning group here for another edition of the weekly wealth before Sunday, December ninth gotta take our first break in the program. Stay with me. I'll be right back. Are you an investor.

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