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This point the Gov- having had no chance to appoint anyone to this board that it gives the governor opportunity to call for him to resign, so he can appoint New People and clean it up. That would actually help the situation. It is me and that would be direction I got a treat for you. Guys friend of mine who happens to be congressman from the Great State of Colorado is joining me, and we were GonNa talk about something else, but now he's got an op. Ed About Tiktok and I'm GonNa ambushing with that Ken. Buck is joining me congressman from Colorado. How are you? I'm doing great Eric. How are you? I'm great. It's good to hear your voice. How's the family? Family's doing very well. My my son is now out of the army, and and living in Colorado and has given me a granddaughter. My daughter is giving me two grandsons. So life is really really good. That is great makes you wish you. Were there all the time in Washington. There's no doubt I prefer to fly West than east the the swamp is a great place to leave well, I you know I was going to text you the other day. By the way just just as as a personal side here, I was talking about this on radio if I can go somewhere, that's about eleven. Hundred Miles from Atlanta I can be diamond status, and the only reasonable place other than Winnipeg Canada's dinner, so I may have to come socially distance with you soon. Do that all right now? Let me ask you about TIKTOK. because I've been raising this concern last year at my my research together, and we had a number of people on stage. Who are raising concern about it as an espionage tool of the Chinese and people don't seem to understand what exactly is going on. Well the Chinese use a lot of tools to gather information on Americans personal data they gather financial data, credit, Card, information and other information, and it is ultimately a tool of of war if if there is a conflict various, each country wants to shut down the other countries, economy and in our economy is dependent on online. Transactions that that that is what they're doing. They're gathering information and and the the TIKTOK. all the information gathered about buying habits, and and Geo location, and everything else goes right to the Chinese Communist Party and and is used by them to to store data on every American. I there's a there's a website I read all the time. It's a technology website called strategic. Hurry Been Thomson, who lives in Taiwan, writes it and let me read you one of the things that he has written. I'm trying to find it as I pulled up. that one thing that must be understood and appreciated is that the Chinese ideology is interwoven into their commerce. We can of horror and convince. Convince. Encourage everyone to speak out about what's happening in to the warriors in Jingping I'm not counseling US intervention, but what is increasingly clear. Is that China demands? We ignore their internal affairs, and it's not reciprocated, and not only is it not reciprocated, but they have a communist ideology that has decided to weaponize American free market desires to undermine free market desires in prop up the communist regime abroad. I thought was a pretty insightful piece and I. Think a lot of people think. Hey, you know we can. We can separate the ideology of the communist from everybody just wants to make money, and in fact in China, their desire to make money in their communist ideologies completely linked. You can't separate the two. Absolutely and it's one of the reasons why the state. The government of China is involved in. stealing intellectual property and and other. you know. inventions in in the US to to be able to boost their economy because they see that so much as the the the really the future of their desires in the world, they use their their best dollars in. Africa and other countries to benefit the business in China is absolutely part of the strategy that the the communist government not only controls business, but also supplements that business with their their military and intelligence infrastructure. Now Moving from the communist Chinese to the American Communists. We. We've got a ANTIFA in the like out there. In this country, we gene a fairly public war now on our culture and history and I know you've written about that and including, I've got the piece pulled up from national review. You wrote on the seventh. Why progressives wage war on history from changing the name of of Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public International Affairs. To Tear Down Statues of George Washington Ulysses Grant it seems like not only do we have profound ignorance of history of this country, but a lot of people have left just simply don't care. Well I think. It goes beyond that that they don't care I think that in order to create a socialist and godless country. They need to tear down our history. They need to do away with the bill of rights they need to rewrite. The constitution whether it's formal or or or just informed by tearing down. They can't get to where they want to go. With with the kind of top down government structure, they want if they allow Americans to believe that we were founded to break away from a monarchy where we were founded to give people control over government, and not the other way around and so I really think that this is a part of a strategy, and it's been part of the strategy for long time with the progressives to ever since you go back to Woodrow Wilson and it's really a. Desire to create this massive federal government. That takes away states rights that takes away. Individual Liberties that that's their goal, and that's what they are working on right now. Well. You. Mentioned Wilson Jonah Goldberg Years, ago wrote his Great Book Liberal Fascism that all the people criticize, it seem not to read it, and he talks about Wilson and Wilson had a brown shirt brigade that would go round. Harass anyone who questioned him and his policies and The left loved him. Of course he was also a deeply racist individual. It seems who re segregated parts of American military wasn't actually the great president. The left brought him up to be. Be You would never know that from history and the left itself, since then seems to just genuinely not care to learn history, because they're always advancing progressivism than ever need to look backwards to see what we've done as a country. And it was just it was a fascinating book by by Jonah, and just a history of progressivism on just it. It intentionally lacks any sense of where we've come from as a people so that it can advance different directions. But, I think the great part of studying Wardrobe Wilson is that if you look at every socialist takeover of of a country, most recently Venezuela or Cuba. They have to have. A Brown shirt brigade they have to have a group of thugs that are doing the will of the government, because people don't voluntarily work hard so that they can give ninety percents of their revenue to the government in the form of taxes or or some other extortion, so there has to be a force that the government uses to to move country towards socialism and certainly Woodrow Wilson was an example of that, but we see it all around the world, since what awesome and and it's one of the things that that if Americans studied history more, they went understand. Understand, they're going to be giving up their liberties if they accept what the left is offering well. Yeah, you mentioned that, and that's such a great point it..

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