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So andy reid indicated in his press conference earlier this week that he would basically use he would play this the same way that he normally would. He didn't outright say yeah. They're gonna play the first half so we'll see. I would probably lean towards like iran. I think they're gonna play. Maybe a quarter drives But i am a little bit surprised by that. I thought they would change up the strategy with the three week. Preseason that we're seeing now. I would also say. I don't think it's by accident that the chiefs are one of the teams to go ahead and do this. It's basically like them. Tampa bay in new england. Old school coaches. That have done it in an old school way successful very say. It's no coincidence of these are teams that. Start out the season hot right. i'm great. He's doing it champagnes doing like these these teams that have been successful doing it. You get better at playing football by actually playing football. And i know that's a crazy thing but i get. Why teams aren't doing it right. There's zero risk of guys getting hurt in these nonsensical games. When you don't play get that completely. These games do not count that being said if you're a team like the chiefs we've got a lot of new guys on the offensive line in particular. You need to coalesce for that to work the way that it's supposed to there's timing that needs to get down before you can get into the regular season and be at one hundred percent and with the way the chiefs scheduled lines up with the browns and week one the ravens week to chargers week three. You better be running. You better be ready to go. Otherwise these teams can come get you if your the chiefs. I'm surprised more teams aren't plan there guys because the i mean they've got two weeks in between these aims. This isn't generally where it's a week off. They got two weeks in between these games. I was surprised. I was kinda surprised. That more teams aren't getting these guys some work because now many of them may go a month three weeks to a month without playing in a semi close to a real game scenario. So andy. at least at least you look at it hill. Bills doing it and doing it. Shy paid do it. I mean hearings is doing it that the world champs teams are doing good teams are doing. The browns aren't out on the. I don't even know if they think concussion that you don't believe that in your heart the game that is sweeping the nation. Serta has put anything together for this but he shears sale. Should i is i do. I'll i'll semi literally told me you were going to do it yourself. You volunteered to do it yourself. I got a lock on. Okay give me a tax. You've always literally since i've known you we've been doing this and some former fashion for six years and you always had a lot on your head. Hey always phrase'sans over after this week. Shoot me attacks on monday or something not gets taken care of the game. That is sweeping the nation. Certified or imposter this week. Jaren read defensive. Tackle first year player for the chiefs. I think a pretty important player for the chiefs because his play and we talked about warden the way he's emerged. But especially those two guys. But reed's play could make you be able to keep chris jones on the outside it in in the a formidable. Pass rush coming from The chiefs defensive line right now. I haven't met an impostor. He's had listen. He's i think he's. He's got a possibility of being a good player. He showed it before he's had ten and a half sacks In this in this league before but that was right now from what we've seen an outlier right it. The the last two years he's had one and a half sacks in the last two years before the ten sec season he had two and six all right like he's getting a little older i. I'm not listen i. He's a good football player. But right now. If i had to put him in a category i would say imposter need to see. I don't know that he's going to be the dominant pass rusher that i think he has before. But right now. I would say jarran reed a guy who's had one big time out liar season as an pasta right now okay. That's what i was curious about. Was what you were judging. This on going just on is e in imposing pass rusher. Maybe he's an imposter in that capacity. Because i don't think he's a guy that's gonna come in and give you eight nine ten sacks. I don't think that's the type of player that he's going to be. I don't think that's the player. They're asking him to be though. I think he can get you three four five six and i think he is going to be a super effective flare from them from the interior and i think because he so so much of a consistent quality interior player. That's going to allow them to keep chris jones on the outside more often than they expected to play. Tur- sean wharton more than they expected to be able to play. Derek nadi more consistently on the interior. Which will help them a lot against the run. I think this team could be a legitimately good run defense this year which. I can't remember the last time that we said that about the kansas city chiefs jaren reads a big reason why because his presence allows them to play their best. Run defense out there So i'm going certified but for different reasons. I don't think he is a a minutes from the interior as a pass rusher. But he's a very good player. That's going to help them..

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