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Yeah. Very a lot of these weird details. So Allison Mack is back on the news because of her cult leader was found guilty. I mean who knows how long it'll be a prison. Let's our tank doublets, our take is the tablets were like we got to ask Allison Mack's, former Roswell co star no snarl Ville warmer smallville co stars, what they think about MAC an honest, they are not thinking about this. No, they're like, please do not make me think about it. They wouldn't talk to Tom welling, who said, I didn't know anything about it. I was very surprised to read anything about it. Sounds very bizarre. Allison was always a nice person around me. And then he goes, it's funny that people think we would know or that we would have some on lake sagging this interview to hell. Like, why are you all in me? It's three pm Ellis Saturday. Let's into. Interesting. Is that because this is a brainwashing situation? Of course, Allison Mack before she was fully brainwashed, would have no signs of this behavior. Be. It's not like inherent to her nature. It's like a true. You know what I mean? It's so it's yeah. She was brainwashed into it, and then she became bad, right? This is not a sex using her baby. Then they talked to lex Luther the guy was what's his name? Michael rosenbaum. He was the Baldwin. Shaved involved goes, he goes, I didn't believe she was capable of such thing. And now things have added up and you're sort of in the middle where you're like, hey, I'll always have love for Alison. This really happened. I don't know what to say. Other than if it's true, it's a tragedy. I remember one time maybe it was Allison who asked me or something. And she was just like, hey, you should try coming to it. I was like, no, it's not for me. That is like a common story. We've all heard of like, yeah, we all know someone who either was approached or know, someone who was approached by not also Mack, but one of her, you know, acolytes, who was like I am in this thing, it's a self help thing. Yeah. Think you would really enjoy it like poor Chris, in cruch the other smallville actress smallville cursed extremely cursed curse all of it's very, very dark, but TVD will find out. It's temper how long MAC is going to the slammer hopefully longer than you did. When you were caught drinking one beer. I wanna make you my number one priority. I would do anything. Things that law now I would never do things to help relieve your stress. Like what? Khloe..

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