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Twitter feed at Golic and wingo thing we put out there again. And not the college football season is over Lovie are the question is can you sum up college football in five words. Yeah, I thought it was a heck of a college football season. What are the things? The last things we ask Jason Fitz, and my son Mike who are out there at the at the game out there last few days. I guess is a a question out. There is January thirteenth is the national championship game next year in New Orleans of these same two teams going to make it five years in a row. And if not who spoils the party, I think most people would think it would be Georgia. They have the quarterback coming back teams like state Oklahoma are going to have different quarterback. So we'll see where they go. And speaking of college quarterbacks we're going to have a he's not a quarterback who is lineman. Joe Thomas going to join assume congrats to the new inductees? Into the college football hall of fame. It's a great honor Terrell Buckley made it in Rickey Dixon, London, Fletcher, John Carroll, and. Back then Saint Joe's high school. We weren't the same high school. Really? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. No that London Fletcher saw London Fletcher. Desmond Howard, Elvis Gerber Clark Kellogg, my brother, Bob myself. Yeah. Nice little nice little grouping there. That's a good run. Yeah. I'm not gonna lie. Jacob green Torry. Holt rocket Ishmail Darren McFadden, Jake plumber. Troy Paula Milo Lorenzo white, Patrick Willis, Steve Young. And of course, Joe Thomas, and with that in mind, let us bring in ten time Pro Bowl tackle in the NFL and current hall of fame college football player out of Wisconsin. And soon to be pro football. Joe Thomas joining us on the shell Pennzoil performance line, taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level. Make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today. Joe, first and foremost, congratulations. Where were you? When you heard the news, and what did you think? Well, thank you guys. I appreciate you. Having me on enormously humbled just looking over that list that they announced yesterday. And some of those names is really pretty awesome to be in their company. I mean, you look at the Troy Palmolive, the rocket Ishmail, the Torry Holt London Fletcher, some of the all time greats and for me to be associated with those guys forever is enormously special in to your question. I actually got the tip off a couple of weeks ago. From our athletic director at Wisconsin, very Alvarez. He was my coach. And as a lot of people know, he's very involved in college football, and all things college sports. So he gave me a little bit of a heads up. So yesterday wasn't surprised, but it was fun to finally be able to let the cat out of the bag yesterday. And once you're in the pro football hall of fame. I'm sure you would have to be if not we're going to have to have a war with them. Will it be the trifecta will appear high school, then we know college. And then the NFL will be all three. Then once you're in the pro football hall of fame. Yeah. Yeah. It was pretty cool. I got inducted in my high school hall of fame probably about seven or eight years ago, which was really special. So the Domino's have been falling. And it's pretty exciting every time. Well, I'm just so happy. We're just thrilled to death that you've had all this great success on your way. Congratulations. Now, we thing we actually do mean. It is great. Okay. Let's get onto the next thing. Which is your next hall of fame when you get into the pro football hall of fame. Listen, what do you make of what the eagles are doing with Nick foles? Obviously Carson Wentz is still going to be the quarterback of the future. But he continues to do things when it matters most late in that game at Soldier Field. Driving the eagles down for the game winning touchdown with under a minute to play. There is something special that is happening with this guy with this team. Yeah. Hey, man. I hate to be the guy that said, I told you so but a few weeks ago on the show. Everybody was counting eagles out and said, oh, not so fast. My friend. They just seem so much better. When their backs against the wall, I think the makeup of that team and Nick foles played great, no doubt. But it just seems like when they're the underdog the embraced that role better than anybody that we've seen in recent memory and Nick foles gets put in there. And all of a sudden this team is rolling again. And certainly one of the teams you do not want to see in the NFL playoff one of the other teams. Everybody said you want no part of them if they if they make it into the playoffs. They obviously did. And then got a victory was the Indianapolis Colts. It's such a non sexy position the offensive line. And then you go to guard. Probably, you know, we always talk about the tackles in the center, we never talk about a guard though, a couple of guys and I'll I'll boast from Notre Dame have made us talk about guards. When Zack Martin got in the league a few years ago. And now quitting Nelson. Both of them. I team not only Pro Bowl. But all pros this year talk about that talk about when a guy can come in like that. And kind of changed the attitude of an offensive line. Right as an offensive lineman. You're only one of five guys you you're you've got the opportunity when you play with that nasty aggressive finishing style to really change the mentality of all the guys around you and plan often of line is so much about technique and attitude and how you prepare. And so you bring in a guy like Nelson, and he comes out and placed in phenomenal from his first game. And he really sets the tone for that entire offense of line. And when you get an office of line, that's bullying people and pushing them around that really is a great way to get that offense moving and build confidence for Andrew luck. A guy who's been hit a ton throughout his career. All of a sudden, he's got a clean pocketing control the ball down the field. It just builds confidence for that whole offense. It certainly does. It was an interesting weekend. Joe is Joe Thomas is with a soon to be and I don't know like five hundred hall of fame because the to six seeds moved on the fifth seed moved on and three of the four road teams lost. And I think sometimes in wildcard card weekend, we all get caught up with recency bias. Like, oh, look we saw what the great thing. The colts were able to do against the Houston Texans. Or we saw with the chargers were able to do against the ravens, and then we get to the divisional weekend, which I think is my favorite weekend in all of sports because you've got two games on each day Saturday and Sunday, but there's a reason the saints the Rams the chiefs and the patriots didn't play on wild card weekend. They earned the buy. So are you expecting the same kind of results from Rhode teams that we saw on wild card weekend? Or do you think we'll see things more hold true to form? Well, I think it'll be a little bit more true to form. I think when you talk about the two best teams in each conference playing this weekend to me, I think they'll probably win three out of those four games. When I look at them. I think maybe the only upset in my mind will be the chargers over the patriots. Just love this chargers team. Wow. I love the winter playing. I love Philip rivers. I know it's tough for them to do another cross country flight to go into New England. But the way they're playing as a team the way Anthony Lynn has got those guys plan special teams offense defense the way that they're scheming people up on defense has been really fun to watch. And to me, they're the hottest team. They're the team. You don't wanna play in the playoffs. Why situation growing Joe a team that didn't make the playoffs to Pittsburgh Steelers? We see all the talent there. And quite honestly, the underachieving going on the issue at lady, I'm velvet, Sharon. Now what's going on with Antonio Brown? So it's kind of easy on the outside to say. Well, man, this guy is so talented the have to try and work it out amongst the players. You are a leader in the locker room for a lot of years. And I know you. You don't know personally of this situation. But I in your opinion, how should this be handled short guys on the team be reaching out to end Tonio Brown? How how should the players be dealing with this? Well, it's a tricky situation. You've got probably the best receiver in the NFL. Who's obviously unhappy? The team is unhappy with them. I mean, they voted juju Smith Schuster the MVP when maybe that was kinda to stick a needle in an Tonio Browns is so clearly there's there's a lot of issues going on. But you hope that there's some guys in that locker room that really feel like they're friends with Antonio that can get through to him that maybe as some time has passed from the season you start reaching out to him. You try to bring them back into the fold. And you try to help him understand us his friend as somebody that he respects in that locker room that hey, man, we're much better with you than we are without you. We need you just as much you need us because you're a Pittsburgh Steeler. You don't wanna be a guy that gets traded in your thirties. That can really have a big detriment to your legacy because I think these guys are great players that are all pros that are probably destined for the hall of fame. They start thinking about legacy because that's really important to him. And I think you start speak. Those words to Antonio Brown. And I think that's a good way to get through to him. Yeah. But Joe honestly after ten years in Cleveland, what would you know about uncertainty and locker room issues? I mean, really, well, that's a great point. We really were a drama free. There's not a lot to talk about. These with the obviously you've been through your fair share. But okay. So as we're talking with Joe, you just said a few minutes ago one road team you like to pull the upset is the chargers, I think I might agree with you there. Just because if they can get after a mobile quarterback and Lamar Jackson with Ingram and Bosa imagine what they can do with Brady. Although I think we'll see a lot of dump off, sir. Rex Burkhead in this game. I think this is going to go. So if that's the one you think should be an upset alert of all the home teams that are playing this weekend. Which one are you most sure of? Well, I really think the Rams are going to smoke the Cowboys. I think the the Cowboys, you know, they've run the football. They played good defense that can get you into the playoffs when you're hot that can make you run in the playoffs. But if they can't throw the football to me, they're going to have a hard time keeping up with the Rams. I know they're going to try to keep the possessions down. They're going to try to make it an old school style football. But the Rams are going to score points. They're going to get the lead on the Cowboys. And I just don't have confidence that the Cowboys have enough offense of firepower outside of Zeke Elliott to be able to hang with the Rams. I mean if the Rams score two touchdowns in the first half. I don't know if the Cowboys can even score two touchdowns that's actually fair. I will say this that that that's F. But I do think the one thing that the the Rams have been vulnerable on that running. If they can keep golfing company off the field. I give them a punchers chance that game. But I understand where you're coming from. Hey, Joe, listen, great to be with you again. Congratulations on another hall of fame. And we'll talk to you next week my man, thanks show. Hey, thanks for having me on. Well, he's the very cool. I mean, college football fame comes out again, that's got to be a really really neat thing. For those guys. I think a hall of fame now is in Atlanta was in south bend for awhile while. Moved to Atlanta, but very very very, very cool and not the last hall of fame. He'll be going into coming up. Not only did we debut a new segment today. We also learned quite a bit from the past. It's what we bring you here..

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