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You add the average of twenty five thirty seats that are usually picked up. I mean it should be a really good year for republicans but then you wonder. Is it going to look like eight years. When bill clinton was elected president. Are you know he lost it. Ninety four republicans picked up a few and ninety eight but he got elected. You look at barack. Obama had a huge loss in two thousand ten to the tea party but he got elected in two thousand eight and two thousand twelve. And then you just wonder whether again Republicans could win in two thousand twenty two and that would set them up to go even further down the trump road and when the national election comes along then we could possibly see the same thing that happened with bill. Clinton and with barack obama both getting reelected despite the fact that get drubbing. The first midterm again getting way ahead of ourselves but again that's what strategies about. You can talk about tactics how we win next year. You can talk about strategy. How does the republican party plan for the next ten years. They're just not doing that. They're only worried about one thing. And that's keeping donald trump happy more alive unbelievable trading still ahead on morning. Joe facebook upholds its ban of former president donald trump but an outside watchdog group calling the ruling quote a smokescreen plus former defense secretary robert gates joins us with his reaction to the withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan also white house communications director jennifer palmeri former and education secretary miguel cardona as the biden administration looks to double his agency's budget in what would be the largest expansion of education in generations. You're watching morning joe. We'll be right back. Welcome back to morning. Joe on thursday morning..

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