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Out today to our sponsor zebra not just a horse like animal one with stripes. Also the nation's leading insurance comparison site you can use this for car and home insurance both kinds of insurance maybe some more to but car and home for sure after a few quick questions. Zebra people with the right insurance company for them. Helping everyone save time and money by online over the phone with one of their licensed insurance agents. Make your smartest purchase yet. Just visit the zebra dot com slash hustle. That's the zebra t. h. e. z. E. r. a. dot com slash l. e. when a psychology graduate is dissatisfied with her sixty five thousand dollars in debt. She takes by the reins and learns to scale equestrian art business. Welcome everybody my name is chris. You're listening to science school. This one goes out to all the artists who are tired of making fifteen to twenty five dollars at a time on or if you know an artist pay attention because this one goes onto triple her income in the course of a year. How does she do it. Not by waiting for something to come to her. She goes out and gets it just like that old saying you can lead a horse to water. But you can't make it send out a regular newsletter purchase online advertising. There are some clear lessons to follow in his story. So if you are trying to increase your art sales or really anything else honestly. There are some lessons that you can adapt in your own way. I hope you enjoy the story. Graduate uses equestrian art to cantor debt. That story is coming right up. Camper pro comes with time saving. Tools that simplify and speed up the creative process including a collection of over seventy five million premium photos videos audio and graphics whether you have zero design experience or your professional designer you get all of this in more than just one single canvas pro subscription. I i discovered canberra a couple years ago. When some of my team members were using it to make kinds of cool stuff. And i was like. How did you guys do this. I thought we were gonna pay an expensive designer for it. I mean like no. We just us canada. And i was like cool. I'm a fan. Let's do it so listeners. Design like a pro with canada. Pro right now you can get a free forty five day extended trial when you use promo code. Just go to canvas dot me slash hustle to get that free forty five day extended trial. That's c. a. n. b. a. dot e slash hustle. Canada.

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