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Boston was only able to put up to in that top of the ninth. But at that point it's too. Late for the RED SOX and Boston continues to struggle I mean, six fifteen. This is one of the worst starts at I've seen Boston have I. Think probably my lifetime really Yankees again, they're jumping all over teams. Oh, they're fourteen and six now clint frazier had five RBI's on the. So I mean you're factoring in one guy had almost urge just about half of your offense. That's pretty good that is really really good evolving moves to one and two he got the laws he's really been struggling in. Evolve is your top pitcher in your rotation right now with a five point, nine, three era I mean he's probably the first option for them right now that's not a good sign that is not that's not a good thing to have you know sales continue to recap from the Tommy John Surgery price four, Celera both gone. So you're losing a lot of pieces in that rotation that was at one point very strong. Dominant starting rotation that did a really really nice job for you know couple of years. Now, we're starting to see the effects of it of them not being around anymore, and Boston is now really starting to struggle I mean they are they're swimming at the bottom with the Blue Jays at this point and and the fact that the orioles and I can't believe the orioles are continuing to do what they've done to the orioles game and a little bit. But they're continuing to put up a lot of surprising numbers. They've got a lot of guys that are just been hitting the. Heck out of the ball and to Miami to Baltimore I mean again like the Miami Marlins I mean in general this twenty twenty year is very odd and I think that having Baltimore and Miami two teams that are in you know the first or second maybe third spot in their division that are usually at the bottom barrel of the division having them all of a sudden you know rise through the rankings I think he's just adding to the weirdness of twenty twenty but that's okay. That's all right and it's still you know a lot of fun to watch the unconventional teams. Kind of rise up and start doing their thing and start to play well, also next game Mariners Astros Astros come out on top two to one a really really close one Houston scored two runs early on they scored one in the bottom of the second scored one in the bottom of the fourth and Seattle scored on one in the top of the eighth. But that was really it. Yuli Gurriel, Solo home run was a big one for Houston It really good stuff out of Christian, Havi, air five ks in in six innings again, a team that you know they're. Kind of fallen on hard times a little bit I. Mean they've got Zach Frankie did pitch well, the other day in his debut on Berliners out though and is no longer with the team. So they've lost a good bit of the Dow cycles not around anymore either so I mean that's three really solid all-star if not cy young candidate players and they're all off your rotation and you used to have them at one point now, Zach ranking is still around. So that is a good sign that he's still there but good stuff out of Christian Havi Air Really Nice Job So Astros moved to ten and ten mariners seven fifteen I really thought that Seattle when they were about four, nine, five, nine that they were going to make a little bit of a run but I mean ever since then they've only won three games. So in three or two or three games so it has really not pay plan our panned out. Well, for them at all Houston moves to perfect or an even five, hundred, their ten and ten right now on the year again, they're not doing well, not they're not doing well at all having a really really talk year and I do I think that it has anything to do with the off season allegations in that whole scandal maybe. possibly. But I don't want to necessarily point the finger right at that I think it's also just a matter of you know altuve as not hitting well they'd say are I'd say you know having now Michael Brain leads been a bright star for them. He's been hitting the ball. Well, he's really been carrying the load. So his Carreira Bregman. Has, been. Struggling girls been in and out of the lineup. So I mean they've got some guys that have really been missing essentially that if the there have been missing in that they're play it's been missing from the lineup so they could start to turn things around here. I, mean twenty games into the season they still have two thirds of the way. To Go, they could make some miraculous turnaround. But then if that happens, it will make me wonder are going to be any people out there saying, Oh, I wonder if they're cheating Oh, I wonder if they're you know this the other I really don't think that they're going to go back to that way I think that they've they got caught. The cat's out the bag. They can't do anything about it. Now everybody knows it's out in the air. Everybody is aware of it just move on and we all get it that what they did was not right was not okay. But you know at this point, let's just move on with watching baseball. So we'll see if the are able to turn things. Around and their season next game warned US nationals and the Orioles continuing to rock and roll, and I can't believe I'm going to say this they are twelve and eight this year. Yes. They are twelve and eight. They beat the national seven to three and jumped out all over. Don't nationals score two runs in the bottom the first quarter runs in the. Bottom of second and put up runs in the bottom fourth-bottom sixth and bottom eight. So again, very spread out offense able to score in different innings throughout the entire game. Really good stuff out Pedro Severino Reno two run double for him and you know Carbon Guinea his first loss of the year he's got a three point nine, one era Gordon's. Like, keep mentioning he's he's a very good third option in a rotation. He's a very good third option a rotation especially with Strasbourg ensures being the main two guys in that. Top Five. Starting pitching Anibal Sanchez has really not been doing well I. mean he has been struggling would be an understatement He's been really really having a hard time this year. So again, having Corden, you know maybe starting to pick up the slack I mean getting the laws as always not a good thing..

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