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One attraction. It could be a ballpark. Be anything on all eight and yet we have the tiniest of all the cultural majors in the state that amazing not so we do so much was so little so come and feel about us all baltimore architects. Only and yet we want. We were the first museum to win the national award for excellence from the urban land institute and he's either life size it's a black risk going up the an opera singer rock singer who was in the alternative miss world contest in london Roy brown is the model and has fifteen feet of undulating wings in all the rainbow colors of a mirror with thousands of shards for feathers and it has twenty minutes to go up bar maryland meyer hall stairway to the stars and then comes down. It's is it's awesome. It's amazing as amazing and the best lower two. We're coming we're coming. We'll both be there. Because i can't go. I can't come without her. I have that duty so so I guess i guess that's pretty much. Thank god and everything. I think in the conversation of got everything that i've wanted for this particular podcast. So that's great. I guess i'm going to again. Thank you for joining the podcast. Do you have anything you want to promote. Before i sign off we do have a lot of virtual. Have some translation Things in two. We're gonna do sock monkey. Puppet that always does like eight hundred intergenerational people to so and we're making a two days this year so the business to go to the website because we try to keep that updated. Www dot a vam a. v. a. m. dot org. You know. I'm such a luddite. I can't tell you how to like. I think it's really good. But i learned zoom. But then you've been doing this podcast for so long and we started chris. Wilson's work thou art work for the first time in a museum setting. Who wrote the master plan. But he's like the parenting show so much was about his mom. His mom had been such an amazing brilliant person before she. Was you know brain damage from a rape in an attack. And he's so i mean baltimore. We are so close to being the city. That should be the most studied in america for positive turnaround and we got a lot more and and and not too lame. Pc stuff i mean really you know honestly You know there's so much amazing things to teach the world from here. And i'm glad that you're one of them. We'll take you so. I'll do my son off a i did. This is some sweating. I feel like i've had an experience so far. This grand changes dresser now so yeah so for rebecca hav burger the american visionary art museum. I am rodley saying that. There's are in and around baltimore. All you have to do is look for it..

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