United States, Mali, Gary Mr Trump discussed on Global News Podcast - US Dumps UN Cultural Agency


The joe shoe shuaibu is declining to get on a plane to the united states see 132 is to bring them back we're not sure why he's declining to get on the plane the some suggestion he may fear the lure enforcement might want to speak to a mali's here in the united staes canadian of course and the background in intriguing because he was married at some point six some years ago he was married to a woman whose brother was in guantanamo bay briefly gary mr trump we heard in that clip said that it could be a sign of better uspakistan relations do we take that with a pinch of sold out plenty of bigger issues in this on the the wrong unza unbuilt the trump administration has been very vocal very bellicose about pakistan in recent months and been threatening them effectively they are saying openly that this is the result of that you took toughen it pays dividends on think they would behindcloseddoors wanna see a much longer patton of cooperation in as you say now the most strategic areas than this to prove that something's changed gerry of dunakey scandal continues to swirl around the hollywood film producer harvey weinstein police in both new york in london say they'll be reexamining historic allegations of sexual assault and the website tmz has posted a video footage it says was taken outside his home last night a voice offcamera asks him a you're doing okay harvey not all was second overall i've always been loyal ally.

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