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I cannot tell you how excited i was to interview her. Mother kathy hilton plus. Just how excited. In general. I am that. She is a friend of the season. On real houses beverly hills. The connection was a little all over the place. So if you hear any kind of timeouts. That's what was happening but we talked so much about this season about her relationship with kyle kim. I was honestly so surprised by her candor when speaking about them and what she thinks about hanging out with this group of women. Here's that interview. Cathy thank you so much for joining us on the daily dish. Podcast today and also welcome to the bravo. Family will thank you. I mean you've sort of you sort of been here and there. Of course you know we've us beverly hills fans have always senior from time to time but the truth is we've been clamoring for years to have you be a regular part of the show. So what change. What made you say yes now. I think truthfully two things this is. Everybody knows kyle nigh time you know after that first episode or that first season with kevin kyle. That didn't sit too well with me and So i did. I stopped watching. And i'm not i'm not a tv person anyway. And then you know. Kyle and i've had some ups and downs and we were always so close and that was very sad for me and so late in the i'd say in the last couple of years we really have worked on it and tried to let go of any negativity and on top of the producer calling and calling and calling and not letting up and it was during the quarantine you know during the pandemic and kyle will not letting up i felt very flattered and it made me very emotional and feel good that kyle wanted me and to spend time with me and i thought wow. This is a great way to spend time and we're on our relationship. Thought about how she felt she said. I think you should go for it. She said just. Don't lose your temper and kinda giggled. She said yeah. Go for it and off. Yes no yes no maybe rabi whatever literally until the last second the first episode that i filmed. I still have not signed anything. I had not signed a release and Yeah so that's when my girls said that they they said i was being very shady. I'm sure you heard that. Oh no oh yeah they were. They weren't too happy about joining now. Now they're okay. I think way which. Which girls weren't happy you're harrison nick. Really why they just thought that they said you know. We don't want our mother on that show..

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