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Georgia Democrat John Lewis for farm yes vote may be hot but we have a mission NMN date to be on the right side of history Michigan congressman Justin a Marshall left the GOP in July I rise today in support of these articles of impeachment I come to this floor not as a Democrat not as a Republican but as an American who cares deeply about the constitution the rule of law and the rights of the people Pennsylvania Republican Fred Keller said they'll be a reckoning for what some say is the Democrats abuse of power it is unclear who will judge those voting for impeachment today more harshly history for voters CBS news special report on Pam cold dance court hands Texas in seventeen other states of victory in the fight against the affordable Care Act it's a split ruling the court tossed out the individual mandate we look forward to the opportunity to further demonstrate that Congress made the individual mandate the centerpiece of obamacare as of the Russell law cannot stand about its mark Rhinelander from the attorney general's office the appeals court sending the case back to a District Court judge in North Texas to see if that part of any part of the ACA can stand including the coverage for pre existing conditions your news for Kerr rigs and Ingram C. P. A.'s and advisers police in grand prairie say a fight between siblings ends with a deadly stabbing police say Abigail contraire us was driving in a car with her brother eighteen year old Nathaniel contraire us Tuesday evening when they got into a physical fight police say Abigail stab her brother then drove him to a nearby hospital he died from his injuries police arrested her on a charge of murder she is being held at the grand prairie detention center on two hundred thousand dollars bond Stephen Pickering newsradio ten eighty KRLD list for sun news for Erin he hospital an update to a story we talked about yesterday police released the names of a driver and a pedestrian after an incident Highland Park involved a woman who walked in the sidewalk it was yesterday the seventy two.

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