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Year, right? She snuck in because most of her health came earlier this season, but so obviously she's capable of her ceiling is definitely at least at that level. And if she gets to that level, you're right, the wings are cooking with gas because once you have those two franchise cornerstones, now you can start thinking about how do we build our roster to add whether it's go out and get a free agent or whatever you need to do to add that one more piece to put yourself into that top tier that top four. You're at that point, you're really only one piece away. Once you have those two pieces in the wings have kind of been in that middle tier for a couple of years sneaking up from that bottom tier into the playoffs last year. But if satsu can take that step, I think they're right there to jumping into well into the top half of the league maybe in 2023. Well, it's also going to be interesting how they use her. Especially with Terra McAllen there. So it projects to be a little bit more perimeter focused than I think maybe she has been in the past because their centers in the past have been a little bit like Harrison has been a little bit more playing from the outside. I think they brought in a walk career to kind of be a center like that that could play on the outside. But now with Macau and patrolling the middle, a that takes off some defensive burden if mccown can do that, which a little dubious of. But also on the offensive end, same thing. I'm a little dubious of mccown's skills offensively, but if she is the good mccown that we saw in Indiana at times, well, it's a really big offensive presence down low that opens a law thinks up for Saudi for rique for Alicia gray for all these players that can attack off the bounce and hopefully can shoot because that has not been something that she's been able to do in the WNBA. I would like to chalk that up to injuries, but the shot hasn't quite been there. I'm going to look it up to 32% from three last year. 19% in 2020, which I'm just going to flat out ignore. But that was the bubble season. We can toss that out the window. No, that's fun. And her rookie year like, we can just shoot that to the side. So where is she in terms of the shooting? Can she finish? With a big down lower this and you get all the way to the rim because McCall is going to bring someone to the rip. There's going to be someone at the rip. Depends on what they can do about that. And she can get those little dump offs to Macau and down low. So I think we really changes things if she's what we think she is. And hopefully she's my God, I'm so sorry saying hopefully she's healthy. Hopefully she's solving. But that's what I got on Dallas. You have general thoughts on the wings? Yeah, well, you grow up to hear Macau and I feel like she's an interesting player to me because I feel like the narrative.

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