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And in a promo code buster today that's promo code buster for twenty dollars off your first seek purchase and guess what seek as a special offer for all mlb purchasers not just the first timer she's promo code tonight for ten dollars off and they'll be tickets that's promo code tonight for ten dollars off mlb tickets or just go ahead and use the promo code fuster for twenty dollars off any first time purchase the brewers in the rockies and her non parades got a big hit he hit it hard and peres hits this one hard that's going to drop in there for a basic shah's going to score hegel are being waved around third he's headed for home and he is going to score it's a two run single for air non perez and the brewers lead is now four to one in colorado the call from six twenty wtmj brewers win this game five to one bullpen they've developed jeremy jeffers got the save in this game but cork naval who just came off the disabled list he worked as a setup man oh yeah they've mr strikeout josh hater as well to milwaukee a dangerous bullpen the nationals diamondbacks the first of a four game series and what i great signing for washington the matt adams has been he came to the plate in the eleventh inning with the score tied one to one discuss so as to hang closer to third than they usually would there's a base it right where the shortstop used to be that's take the lead met delivers.

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