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For being a friend the sock basketball now we saw you on bikes riding around the city with Ron Ron in A. D. we know you're good friends with the bronze you aren't retired but you're not currently in the NBA what is the future looking like for J. R. Smith the NBA's better with you and if we all believe that Christian S. R. it's been a rollercoaster seven seven fifteen years and ambient since coming out of high school this is all I've known as as of as of as of man as a kid I would literally growing with this our job or whatever but it for me is a livestock just just that's what it is is my wife and then not be a part of something that I've been a part of for so long at the highest level is it was so arbitrary and I'm still like I was just I was depressed I felt like you know the primary purpose of every get up every day and and and doing something was or struggle for a long time fortunately I've gotten out of that I'm gonna run and got back into that love and appreciation of the game and is it is but it hasn't been easy also you've got has been these Parker fortunately I'm healthy I can't wait to get back are you the opportunity to I'm ready for sure Hey you're more than just a basketball player remember that your identity doesn't lie in just the money that you made you need to know that so I think you saw that yesterday we show that this weekend while you're protesting happy you may live in a dark place now let's talk about how you got out of the Cavaliers organs this is one of the most interesting things I've ever seen in my entire life so lebron leaves you're still under contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers was this in the time that you were just referring to is being a little bit depressed because of how long you been around the league or did that come after you and the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to part ways not I came after understood I have so much to do it because for me I'm working as a competitor and you were supposed well I I don't as far as as far as what you have you know ownership should but I can't wait to meet you guys know competitiveness we have with each others nothing personal or anything like that that's just the competitiveness and what form of our team and our owners and our general manager and they don't want to be competitive anymore in one of they didn't want to strive to make the playoffs in the one of the a a better team they wanted to rebuild for the future that left me in the current players who went to the trenches to win a championship losing three finals and all that so okay well thanks but no thanks we're good at like our page and we're just like like well how are you good I how can you do that like I'm I've been on the scene the last four years going to the finals every single year empty and striving to at least give us the opportunity to start the season off and you know what we're not good enough and and midway through your listing we'll switch it up or miss the trees get you guys out here and then if you would've told me that from the door okay I can't argue with that because that's your your be honest with me a bit up front with me and telling me everything but in our situation but you know I told I told I was in some of our solution I wanna be I wanna be doubly I know bronze gongs and everything but obviously I know you guys have some decisions to make so if you want to break up and do whatever it not be there let me know and I we can try to make work out a trade or buyout however the situation will grow and there were no whole time they were telling the we're gonna be competitive we're gonna try Easterhouse Harvard we're still ranked team in the wrong one person does the partner change and I'm like okay cool now I'm going to do for myself okay I have to be more aggressive I got you just got to be more of a leader got more book do so many more things and then when I get to the training camp and everything else just like not ridges this isn't where we're gonna go right you could tell me just two months ago we had this conversation yeah it feels like in basketball we're learning this now the last dance I think a lot of people got to see it now all the story lines and who's upset Hoover how they're portrayed that that is not what I want to talk about here I wanna talk about how the story lines always like you have a great team and then do we break it up do we move forward Jerry Krause's painted a not great light I assume in this particular case whenever you're lied to about the team being moving forward in a competitive fashion as opposed to just kind of rolling over inside trying to lose that could be very upset the conversations in the locker room though and I want to move to the last answer conversations in the locker room you don't just play with the one you in the Braun our great tag team I mean three finals you win it now granted there's obviously a situation gold status you probably have to talk about seven thousand times in your entire life which yeah thank you what's that all the time what happened you know it's funny like when it is over the course of the game and it's happened to me no more stars reporter I'm not gonna sit here and say it didn't right I get so caught up in a game in my match up the stuff I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to read more I gotta go stuff like that I don't I get caught up and not looking at this car how can I look at scores like that angry the most of the time to look up in our all right yeah or some **** but the situation is like I know that my first what I was trying to do was help us win the game now when we lost the game or not there's we're we're gross the fact we're we would we have won the series not probably not who knows whatever but Katie was on fire there was no chance but I don't I don't blame you guys really he does a great job of course were solely to try to win is over I'm I'm getting paid for it from a bookie to try and lose the game where they once you sit there and see I'm obviously trying to work anybody who knows me by my team I'm I'm looking as competitive as they come but at the same time understand the time we live in the social media and everything else and stuff like that I mean looking as great as Charles Barkley was as great Charles Barkley was he could what is your vision so if you not found in the in game straight six when the bulls what do you what I just need to know do we know no I don't have a problem with drugs were going it was the time that we live in things are going to be way more emphasized it way more on one of the limelight or whatever then then it is that is going to be four states in a press I understand that and grown so take advantage of those situations in an ashtray through some other means of things coming back to harmony and means and stuff like that so when people ask me about I don't take it personally there was a mistake J. R. they're trying to make the best effort that I could it was it's not good enough so we want some I made I made a hundred percent of your hundred percent effort all the time so it wouldn't be good enough for you or not that's something you want to do it but I'm going to give you everything I've got it was a mistake things happen that is a little you either of the bad things happen it's a mistake especially in sports with the tensions in the rivalry in the amount of pressure and stuff you people make mistakes is things like that happen I think by the way the reaction of the bronze is the biggest one which is what I want to talk about here what was the wrong like as a team because we got a chance to see what Jordan was like as a team in the conversation as always Ron or Jordan Ron or Jordan I think it was two very different sports when Michael Jordan was playing basketball is a very different basketball then what it is when the wrong place or rugby basketball.

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