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Gary Kubiak recommends Jordan made, um So you know, there's there's I think it's honestly I think it's those two names with Terry found on third. That's what that's the way I feel and the other names are not real contenders. Dave Ziegler's not gonna get this job. Um and and so, you know, I think that if you're looking at this, and um askew go into this. There's a scenario where if you like them both. There's a scenario where you could come away with potentially both of them. Oh, I'd love that love that. Just a thought. Just something to mull around hasn't been brought up yet. I'll be gone Most. Everybody to this point is either said that they wish there were other names. Some of the bigger names that John Dorsey's of the world out there They mean, it didn't seem like that. That's really direction that they wanted to go. They didn't want to go with the Over established former GM of a team They wanted to go with one of the more the young up in coverage. And I guess that begs the question then Ben is that is that likely the best. Decision for the Broncos. They the wide net, the critical white net or a lot of guys that that haven't been G M's but have been right there and they've taken interviews, and some of them had experience with this organization. Some have not. What do you think about the neck that they ultimately decided to cast makes a good net. I think they have good candidates and there. I would not have interviewed Ziegler with the rest of them. Um, I understand what they're doing. You know you and getting a different perspective from a different organization. I think that if it's me, um You know, it's interesting to me how in this particular search people like, Well, they didn't your view people with previous GM experience. But when you get to a head coaching search, it's the opposite. They're all like We don't want to reach red. And so I find that amusing. The disparity between the two I think that all these guys have plenty of experience. They've all been around and in front office experience for a decade, plus, most of about 15 years. So you know if there's a scenario, which you could get two of these guys, you feel both of my qualified enough to have general manager If you get two of these guys in your front office to me, that's that's a no brainer. And for that, to happen would be paid. This gentle manager and champion is pro papers Now where you move up from assistant. Yeah, promotion for both right. And then that would be opportunity. And you be basically looking at the future of what would be your front office right there. George Payton has a connection to Had Sherman Yes. Uh, Champ Kelly has connections to Nick Foles and Vic Fangio and John Elway. Um, you know, And so I think that either one of those guys in the scenario where you could get both, I think are ideal. Okay, So let me ask you about Brian Stark. Who's in the in House candidate and and the right now kind of slated the interview last, which is sort of funny. The only reason I bring up is because the last two coaching hires a John Elway made corsets. Coincidently, the last people he interviewed Beings. Joseph and Vic Fangio ended up being last on that group. So I'm not saying that it's good news for Bryant Stark. But I guess if you want to make a last impression, that is where you get a chance to do that, But Let's just take this on its face here if they decide to go with Brian Stark. What does that say? Says they weren't impressed with the other candidates. Okay? Says they weren't on the same page with those guys and the in house guy was on the same page with where they wanted to go. Is that because there I think a lot of Broncos fans will be a bit underwhelmed. That's not just taking with a way for Brian Start because I think Brian start deserves opportunities as well. I mean, he's done a good job scouting for this team. He's their director of scouting, but The fact is, people will say it's gonna be more of the same in that respect in this team has been losing so people will find ways to complain about anything. Well, they've already started to complain about this group. They're under out there. Let's just say there are they even named a general manager. Yet they haven't even interviewed. All these guys had their already complaining. That's that's what that's what hater, you know, Hater. Ade gets You hate a radio. All those guys, you know? It's just rip rip everything find a way to complain about it. We're not gonna do that here. Um, the it says that they weren't on the same page. I don't think that's gonna happen. And I think that the reason you're interviewing him last because you're giving everybody a chance to, you know, to convince you otherwise and then go to the gatehouse guy. The the reason that they interviewed the head coaches last Was because they did like them. They were the prohibitive favorite little bit differently. The gentleman's situation. You look for something to replace you not submit a report to you in that regard, you know, um, a decision maker. And so John Elway had some favorites. And he decided to let the other guys interview first to convince him and move him off. That favorite not have did With this particular situation, I would suggest that it's not the same thing. Having someone go last is not the same as it was during the head coach stuff. In fact, it's coincidental. I know I'm just I'm just having a little bit of fun. This particular situation I would almost say would go the other direction. Could be favorites would've interviewed first and then well, it's certainly based on your reporting. I would say that's I would say that in the favorites interviewed first in this scenario, Okay, So you know you're the first person that's brought up the idea of of multiple guys here because you're right. It would be a promotion for both put and I, You know, I think that that is invaluable. I think that getting Smart guys like surrounding yourself with smart people is a way to be successful. You know, Find yourself smart people that are capable of disagreeing with you Surround yourself with those kind of people and you'll always be. You always do well. I don't have any year contracts. Are you looking for these guys like for whatever the GM because I mean, certainly there's a lot going on with his organization from the ownership side of things. Obviously, you're talking about eventually John Elway stepping out altogether the organization if not next year than around that time. Certain..

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