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Like does that not tell you that someone is not thinking properly is not making smart decision is not worried about being the best football player and taking advantage of that and impacting the community. No and the Redskins again, they're Etienne Abedin the same thing. They are not they also should get the same backlash that any player gets because they are. I'm at a loss for pissing me off so much yesterday. When I seen the news I had to send a couple tweets out. And then I logged off because I didn't want to read about it really made me mad, man. Like, I can't even tell you. Because people talk about the NFL being a privilege, and I'm like having having that it is a privilege to play in the NFL. But you have to be really really frigging good to play any NFL. It's not a lottery ticket. You don't just get to put your name in a raffle and decide to get drafted. No, you're in some of the best athletes in the world. Right. But by the standard of the best athletes in the world. There are other guys who are NFL players that will never get to touch NFL soil. I was one of those guys, man. Like there was a thin line between me never playing in the NFL so months the best athletes in the world. Yes, it is a privilege the privilege that Reuben foster is abuse. It's a privilege that since the Washington Redskins decided to back him up on their also abusing. So I don't want to hear anything more about like, the Washington organization. They will never be a press release apple give shit about from now until perpetuity because they're so full of it. It's not even funny there. The Redskins right now are co-signing on the abuse. And the actions of Reuben foster by picking them up, especially this quickly, and that's unacceptable. Next topic. Final topic of the day. Ben Rothlisberger says he has earned the right to criticize his teammates, criticized Tonio Brown, James Washington and his offense coordinator on his weekly appearance on Pittsburgh radio after they lost to the Broncos hawk has been Rothlisberger earned the right to criticize his teammates. No has his been Rothlisberger has not earned the right? Is he a great player? He's an incredible player is the great quarterback. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL is the hall of Famer first ballot two time Super Bowl champ. He is consistently good football player. Here's white hasn't earned the right to criticize his teammates. Anyone who has to come out and say earned the right to criticize my teammates. Has not earned the right to criticize his teammates. Because how good you are doesn't dictate whether you can criticize your teammates it what kind of leader you are. And that's what he is not Hala fame. He is not a hall of fame leader, he teases retirement. He throws people under the bus. He lies. He has off the field issues. He's turned his back with his organization and any player whenever it's convenient for Ben Rothlisberger. And when you do that people don't look to you as a leader. They don't gravitate to. Yes, you're really good football player. But that's where it ends. It's the cool guy saying, I'm super cool. Cool. People don't say, they're cool. Everyone knows they're cool people who had the right to to criticize players publicly. Don't have to say Tom Brady doesn't have to come out. And make that statement paid manning didn't had to come out and make that statement, they have a level a level of standard. They stick to. And they are consistent with that. Everybody else knows everybody else makes that declaration not you've been Rothlisberger wasn't very tactful and saying it agree on that side of things he has not shown great leadership throughout his career. And great. Leaders don't have to tell people. They're great leaders. Exactly. Just like great players. Don't have to tell people that. They're a great player. We know we've got balls..

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