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In partnership with the federal government we have fifteen offices around the world we take messages direct to consumers and in this year twenty eighteen our theme music before there were destination marketing organizations like brian usa way people found out about us was through movies and music we just released a i max film called america's musical journey which documents the heritage of american music in the cities that it was founded in and tells a story about how that is a is a great way to talk about the united states of america and what there is to see and do through music so our job is to be storytellers to inspire travel from our friends and visitors from around the world and in the end to really remind them why they wanna come to the united states why it is the most aspirated destination in the world thank you so much for being with me president and chief executive officer of brand usa coming to us from washington dc coming up we're to take a look at that pivotal decision expected later today regarding whether or not at and t and time warner can join forces and become a cable behemoth and lisa abramowicz mico pimm fox is off today this is bloomberg this is a bloomberg market minute stocks remain mixed the dow industrial is down about twelve points the nasdaq is up twenty three the sp up almost three oil is hovering around sixty six dollars a barrel as producing countries disagree over relaxing production cuts saudi arabia and russia want to increase output limits while iraq has joined venezuela andy ron and opposing the proposal the split among opec members appears to be deepening ahead of a key meeting in vienna later this month these are tough times for the leather industry near record numbers of cattle are being turned into a supermarket beef leaving behind a glut of hides but the supply is growing estimates slows especially for leather used in shoes footwear makers account for fifty five percent of the buying of heights but choppers have become more sensitive about what they wear and are choosing non animal options like canvas microphone and plastic leather market researcher max field reports even carmakers are cutting down on the leather they use as some consumers demand a fully v car the trees sikora bloomberg radio bloomberg markets i'm carol massar doug zioka caviar capital on smart investing decisions amid volatility and the.

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