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The impeachment process is on pause and will likely remain so until at least the start of the new year in the meantime both sides aren't showing much holiday spirit toward each other correspondent John Laurence reports president trump blasting house speaker Nancy Pelosi over the impeachment process crazy Nancy she's crazy plus he hasn't turned over impeachment articles to the Senate saying she was Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and minority leader Chuck Schumer to agree to rules for the Senate trial Schumer meanwhile is calling on the White House to come clean president trump release the email the witnesses testified what are you afraid of I'm John Lawrence reporting now twenty two before the hour on American morning here's Jim beau Hannon we're joined by Bryce Peterson a senior research associate in the justice policy center at the urban institute online that urban dot org they have included a study of body cameras worn by police officers tell us about your study so we can at this study in the Milwaukee police department just a level under patrol officers in Milwaukee the receive body cameras we work with them to conduct what's gonna randomized control trial or be assigned a two hundred fifty officers to receive cameras two hundred fifty to not receive cameras and we follow them over an eight month period to see how body cameras affected please behaviors and clean the interactions what we found overall was that sitting planes went down so as to the war cameras were less likely to have complaints against them use of force did not change among all officers and the interactions with citizens did change a little bit you would think that this would have a moderating effect on everybody that police wanted to be on their best behavior that the public would not make outrageous claims of there with this camera there yet I understand that there are policies that allow a lot of discretion officers may turn off the cameras the departments may or may not release video it it seems to me that that leaves an awful lot of grounds for perhaps undercutting the credibility of the cameras yeah that's the only concern then and one thing to remember here is that even though we've been talking about like Camelot and there's there's still a relatively new technology and a lot of departments are still trying to catch up to best practices of the time so a lot of department simply rolled up body cameras without understanding how to use them bass and so you're talking about the plane cameras to eleven hundred officers training them etcetera etcetera they're still playing catch up a little bit in terms of those policies so that's absolutely correct there's departments are using them perhaps not the most transparent way and I can undercut their credibility why would it not be in the best interests of the police to do run the the cameras all the time if I were a conscientious officer I would want everything I did recorded yeah I think the returns on the bench that best interests of the department as a whole is simply cost instead subsiding shockingly expensive to many people how much it costs to retain body camera footage integrative Armand have to maintain it for at least thirty days and more often it's it's ninety two hundred eighty days and and I'm out of a server Stacey have to have the whole that much high quality video footage is very very expensive and so that's why the women when officers turn on their cameras and sometimes it might limit that too much again losses too much discretion in cases you you indicated when you appeared on my nighttime talk show that the Milwaukee police force is about eleven hundred officers and that too have continuous coverage by those officers and and the storage that would be several million dollars that that seems awfully high yeah that's correct I mean the I mean even even with the way they're using right now which is you know pretty well busted their day the department is mandated that officers turn on the cameras during most interactions with community members and most officers follow that mandate even in that sense I think they're spending over a million dollars per year just on the video footage retention has it is so they would increase that words there on all the time we're talking about a ten fold or even twenty fold increase in costs because you are buying a certain amount of credibility for the police department that is worth something it is yeah and I think that's where that's where the balancing act is happening to try to determine how much they can afford how much officers are more cameras all still meeting the bottom line what is the public response regarding the use of these cameras overall very positive so we did a survey of committee members in Milwaukee and there's been several national surveys I'm asking very similar questions at the national level and every study that's ever been done has found that people are very positive and one officers have body cameras but of course that's usually what the cabbie out that they're actually using them frequently turning the cameras on and using them to improve transparency accountability what recommendations would you make based on on the study the that the police departments around the country should do it in your view cost of course allowing for it to happen yes we do we have a number of recommendations first and foremost is that you have a very well developed policy and in in your police department before you implement the body camera program so be very stockholders number resources out there for departments to draw from and they're creating their policies but has the very thoughtful make sure it's very clear when officers can turn on the cameras are when a when a when a mustard on the camera's on make sure you have a process in place to actually review and check to make your officers are complying and then of course when we're when we're talking about releasing body camera footage department seem to be very clear what their policies are and be proactive in releasing footage anytime there's a major incident because that that's only gonna boost again okay credibility and accountability of the department Bryce Peterson from urban dot org.

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