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People at i believe that we're all good capitalists world series people we know all the news we we have all the khuff fa then you can go check it out right now for immediate results it's free it's just ziprecruiter dot com slash m k s you know that stands for of course you do the michael noshow slash m k s one more time to try it for free where do you go marshaled you know where you go where's at ziprecruiter dot com he doesn't know this why did not use ziprecruiter i use it ziprecruitercom slash m gay as okay let's get to the news attorney general sessions headed up to capitol hill today in the build up democrats boasted of how they were going to grill jeff sessions on russia trouble is they don't have a whole lot to work with because as leftwing commentator van jones pointed out but what do you think's gonna happens things at the another burger wbz so instead we were treated to a typical toward the force from democrats sheila jacksonlee here she is i took the liberty of reviewing federal crimes against children particularly those dealing with sexual of physical abuse as you well know li kaufman wendy miller debbie watson gibson glory attack or dis and in beverly young nelson these young women have accused of this individual judge moore who is running for a federal office the united states senate of child sexual activity do you believe these young women.

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