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Answer is me Me me me Stephanie Miller That's the answer Okay You did very well Thank you very much Oh by the way the pressure is getting ugly Uh oh Wait really you people are getting ridiculous The pressure's just getting too intense Hang on where is it Hold on Hopefully Try and finally I will put her Yes you did Right Somebody said I looked 25 Okay people stopped I've already experienced people One woman have pardon me That's just someone who wanted to hear their own name on the radio that fading you Really fast Now I lost it Now I lost the tweet So it was my mommy you know what are you looking for your 30s And then someone's like who's that 25 ish Oh Oh please That's just correct Is that what you're thinking Seems correct That's desperate Yeah Well now I've lost that person tweet All right I was thinking of Eric boehler We are all trying to be Eric And when none of us are Eric but I was trying to bullard as fast as I could On MSNBC Saturday A lot of people I have to say doing some bulletin for the lord as we call it yesterday Oh I did not because I apparently I have a little more self esteem than I did not watch I watched a few minutes of chuck Tod most people covered it for me Uncovering the truth said chuck chuck Todd said Biden is paralyzed by the immigration issue Greg Abbott is kidnapping and trafficking migrants but chuck blames Biden Trump never built the wall but chuck blames Biden Why does chuck blame Biden for Republican problems why is chuck Todd still employed by MSNBC Thank you Okay Right Wait there's more There was another one Hold please Oh speaking of Greg Abbott hoodlum says Greg Abbott is a criminal who ruined almost a quarter of a $1 billion of fruit and produce at his border stunt to try to make Biden look bad This is no longer politics It is criminal behavior Thank you Correct Thank you See forwarding Okay Oh this one wells Said I've been thinking more and more that newsrooms need to hold an all staff meeting where they invite democracy experts and historians and really do a massive reset of how we are covering what's happening in our country right now It's not about partisanship but about covering reality Isn't that exactly it Eric's last piece that we keep talking about The people more people think we've lost jobs when we have in fact gained more than any in history 7 and a half million That is a massive failure of the media Okay Andrew Weiss Weinstein said only in America is a mass shooting knocked out of the news by another one a day later I can't even keep track now over the weekend right There are three that I saw reported widely Yeah Also Jared Kushner's story we will talk to AG about that just by the way she's going to stay with us for the hour because God loves us and wants us to be happy Jared Kushner did not have top secret clearance who gave him the info to sell to the Saudis the new $2 billion question Thank you We're going to talk to AC has a lot to say about that We also remember Trump overrode them and got him his security clearance And there was a reason why he couldn't get clearance before that Right Right Oh I have another guest The quote.

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